Monday, December 29, 2014

Favorite Nail Art Posts of 2014

Hey everyone, hope your vacations are going well, now I'm going to do a recap of my most favorite nail art I've accomplished in 2014.

 photo bea75e2b3261e4ccaf273bb684821f14_zpsd7a16ae9.jpg

I've grown quite a bit, so I think I'll try to add these in order of how I did them, so you can see the progression.

My Birthday Manicure
 photo dc7300e7-1108-4615-b862-3bb259f59baa_zps0bab8334.jpg

My First Gradient
 photo 4E4763AD-B36F-40DC-A77E-47B8568CECC3_zpsl1lf56zn.jpg

Neon Dotticure
 photo B420DE5D-EF57-4667-9B85-68C281D7C14A_zpssfmmcebh.jpg

Stamping with a-england Sleeping Palace
 photo 05FD508E-288B-4AF8-A581-1C0ED7C3581E_zpszsfzoplq.jpg

Holo Stripes
 photo DACD0B04-63DF-49BC-BF7A-6DE44259D5C9_zpsjpy7bxrr.jpg

In Bare Form Dotticure
 photo 12CAE9B6-4ED0-493C-B817-E99AE2E62E8F_zpscqyrrkiw.jpg

Sea Star Nail Art
 photo BE83E89C-0CC0-47E7-A14D-E3E17E6F9978_zpsv6f0remm.jpg

Quatre Foil Nails
 photo 09D2DC7E-A510-49A4-9DF4-0F7D25B0DFB5_zpsusyhnous.jpg

Beach Shore Nail Art
 photo ECA71150-7FF8-4607-8994-16E9846841B5_zpsstno3nln.jpg

Blue Holographic Skittle
 photo 12004A89-1FC5-404E-B5A3-149E8D8DD223_zpsbyc9trtw.jpg

Green to Teal Gradient
 photo 2BFC0800-1D3D-4AAD-A58F-E70491C1D6BA_zpsvmas1cfx.jpg

Rainbow Waterfall Nails
 photo DE5CDCAB-E916-40FA-B13F-EEC7527326F0_zpshy7kfxvy.jpg

Halloween Skittle Nails
 photo 399715EC-73DF-4BFF-8C66-6652264B5640_zpsc4jiqdrx.jpg

Iconic Half Moons

KBShimmer Skittles

Multicolor Stamping

Painted Polish #PSL with Angled Lines
 photo 7D6AB41F-83F5-4C1B-ABB8-CE1FF49D356E_zpsjyubws4t.jpg

Fall Leaves Gradient
 photo B2932019-E49A-4553-88A1-10761B53F717_zpsbzav3bqj.jpg

Ugly Sweater Nails
 photo 91FA149A-0878-4269-B6C4-2D0BB22B092C_zpstmsuycal.jpg

Christmas Skittle
 photo 1A2853DE-7C17-4B17-B5B5-9B629E99411A_zpsvnravpqv.jpg

Which one did you like the best? I really loved getting to go back through my posts from throughout the year. It reminded me of what I have tackled, what I got better at and what I have still yet to take on!!!

Tomorrow I will post a bit about some nail polish confessions and some goals for the new year!

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