Monday, June 24, 2013

Meeting the actors at Trinity

So I'm in Providence, Rhode Island this week and I'm feeling very inspired and motivated by these actors to tap into my creativity and write more.

I'm thinking if getting some helpful literature to help me with my creativity, which I often feel I lack. I would really like to take a shot of writing some short fiction stories, since I enjoy fiction so much.

It would be nice to enjoy writing again. I write for work but it is such a prescribed type of writing, it is almost second nature. I want to challenge myself, and I think writing fiction could be a good start.

On my vacation note, I'm having a fantastic time visiting my good friend Amanda and meeting all her friends. It has been a great trip so far and I still have so much time left!

Back to my challenge. I don't know how many of you read this, but if you have ideas or prompts to get me writing creatively, I'd love for you to share them. Even if it just a word or a photo, I'd love to have the challenge of having friends and family inspire me as well!