Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quarterfoil nail art to match my wallet

I have this lovely wallet that I've been inspired by for ages, and I finally had a free Saturday to sit down and really challenge myself with some quarterfoil nail art.

To begin I started with two coats of Color by Llarowe Nice Melons!

 photo BE702B92-75C4-4C82-87BE-333E9B53AB75_zpsexvlqs4f.jpg

Nice melons is a bright peach holo, that is very bright in the shade or indoors, see below.

 photo 7EEC6F1B-E150-4729-BC08-A58C181B842F_zpsd2ozmkrx.jpg

My wallet isn't technically quarterfoil, but I thought that design would be the best imitation I could do, since I didn't really have a stamp that would do the trick.

 photo 383404BA-C5F4-4670-ACBE-548A222C4D78_zpsfqg1wsu5.jpg

To create the quarterfoil I made clover shapes with a dotting tool using OPI Eurso Euro, three lines down the length of my nail.

 photo 09D2DC7E-A510-49A4-9DF4-0F7D25B0DFB5_zpsusyhnous.jpg

Then I used a smaller dotting tool to dot again with Nice Melons over the Eurso Euro dots to create the quarterfoil.

 photo D5CB2EF0-FFC5-466E-8B94-924CD5C516C6_zpsupeuj8bc.jpg

To make the look just a little more intricate and more sophisticated, I added little lines with a small paint brush at the points of the quaterfoil.

Overall this was a very time consuming look, and I did like matching my wallet but did find this a very difficult to accomplish. I guess it's worth it to try it at least once, but I don't know how many times I'll be doing it again.

What do you think? Have you ever tried quarterfoil nails? Have any tricks to make the application easier?

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