Wednesday, February 19, 2014

European Secrets Rock Top Coat Review

So as I was browsing the internet recently, I came across someone spouting off about how amazing this long lasting top coat was – European Secrets Top Coat. They claimed it was similar to the CND Vinylux top coat (which wears incredibly great) but it doesn't lose it's shine like Vinylux does rather quickly.

So of course I go to my local Sally Beauty Supply to acquire this top coat and test it out.

The first challenge was finding a manicure that I would be happy with for up to a week! That's tough for me as I'm finding I want to redo my manicure more frequently as my polish collection grows!

This was directly after the top coat was dry enough to photograph. I found that this top coat was definitely shiny upon application but it did not dry easily. I found that my nails were very delicate to the touch for more than a day after application. I had to be careful not to bump my hands hard against any surfaces, because this did not dry Rock solid as it claims. Took I think at least 48 hours for it to feel not soft anymore. The top coat was definitely thinner than most forgiving top coats (Seche, etc.), so if you want to hide bumps, this is not the top coat to do it. I could feel the dots from my dotticure the entire time I wore this manicure.

Day 2:

Top coat stays glossy.

Day 4:

Some minor tip wear begins to show, manicure still holding up nicely.

Day 6:

The manicure is definitely ready for removal as the top coat has begun to crack and really look old. The manicure is still shiny though!

Overall, I feel like this top coat really did last a long time and retained its shine throughout. You have to be very gentle with your nails the first 36-48 hours you wear it (more exposure to sun really does help), and that alone makes it somewhat difficult to use. But if you are willing to go through that and you want your manicure to last a decent amount of time, I suggest you give this a try.

In comparison with the CND Vinylux, I still feel like that is a more solid, thicker and forgiving long-lasting top coat, but the fact that it doesn't retain it's shine really bugs me. I've tried using CND Vinylux, letting it dry and then topping it with a shinier top coat, which makes it last but the shinier top coat does eventually peel off. Maybe next time I'll try the Vinylux top coat, let it dry and the next day I'll apply a coat of Rock Top Coat.

Have you tried Rock Top Coat? What are your experiences with it? Know of any other long-lasting top coats worth checking out?


  1. I"m curious if you have tried it with UV light? That is on the directions. I am about to try it this week. I got a UV light as well. Fingers crossed.

    1. Jen I did try curing it under a UV light, didn't seem to harden any faster unfortunately! You might have better luck though! Let me know!