Friday, December 26, 2014

Top Nail Polishes of 2014

Now not all of these are necessarily new in 2014, but they were new to me in 2014.

My obsession with nail polish and nail art really took off this year, and while this blog has been around for a few years now, it really turned into mostly nail-related in February of this year.

I have been doing my nails pretty consistently since 2012, but I think this is the first year I really discovered a new love of polish, an huge interest in independent brands and just a true love for nail art and all the lovely nail blogging community that comes with it.

So let’s get down to it, my favorites of 2014. I’ll start with my favorite polish of 2014. These might not necessarily be new in 2014 (most are), but they were new to me and definite standouts for the year.

These are not in any particular order, and any link that takes you to my Instagram, will mostly likely be a post in the future, but nail polish I used this year.

Newsie Nail Novices Top Polishes for 2014

Literary Lacquers Je Reviens
 photo 036BDA98-45E8-4B70-AFD9-29828B4CB52E_zpsq76hw8qb.jpg

Smitten Polish The First Lobster
 photo AB248C60-77D1-40F1-A74A-81EE2D2498DF_zpseftasy2r.jpg

Painted Polish Drunk on Holo
 photo E4EF362A-0F06-4B9C-AF2F-9E9B862FA06C_zpshexs5p53.jpg

ORLY Mirrorball
 photo E4FA7E70-1E79-44D2-B792-5836E16A3340_zpsghmib0dv.jpg

Zoya Rue
 photo 2fbe2624-9db5-447c-98d8-9ceb15109ad9_zpsbd626127.jpg

Dance Legend Boo
 photo b1938ab713676d90202d2a111a916d7f_zpsa53f91df.jpg

KBShimmer In Bare Form
 photo CE6DDE74-2764-4590-B064-893382889BDE_zpsrrh8fxaq.jpg

ILNP Black Orchid
 photo 6AE32EC6-CEB2-4AB4-83F3-3981BCD1D001_zpsbkgfmyal.jpg

Zoya Chantal

Dance Legend Beautiful Lie
 photo 2E7265CC-5FE5-45F2-B826-A4BC66E750F6_zps8kzchakv.jpg

Emily De Molly Monet's Garden

 photo A6C6C366-6CC9-4B16-805D-89536AC09C30_zpsmlriznv9.jpg

Smitten Polish Out of Darkness
 photo 4D31FC62-2091-4716-8E26-6C8846B2C910_zps8zcrvjvc.jpg

KBShimmer Rust No One
 photo 771B9A52-70D0-4DE5-94D5-AE0B15965385_zpsjmdavmai.jpg

Indigo Bananas Maui Wowee
 photo 2CAF9A67-1F56-46A2-8592-6F0AAC0F2F37_zps08ytkn2j.jpg

Smitten Polish Glacial Springs
 photo 1A277031-3BCD-4AF7-B7D7-EE5AA054CB41_zpsgdj30qob.jpg

Smitten Nose So Bright

Dance Legend Different View
 photo E3FE444C-B72D-49ED-999A-C6DE7B28E761_zpsusphnflh.jpg

ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies (couldn't pick just one)
 photo 93C9843B-58BA-4793-99EE-4CE40D15EAC9_zpsee6a70h9.jpg

Colors By Llarowe Obsessed with Marilyn

ILNP Iconic

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