Monday, July 28, 2014

Smitten Polish Glacial Springs

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm sharing with you this wonderful jelly holographic polish from Smitten Polish – Glacial Springs.

 photo 49D76ED2-2CEF-4A52-9226-C59E85FCB6CC_zps9aqhjynk.jpg

Glacial Springs is a teal holographic glitter suspended in a turquoise jelly base! This polish has depth as the holo pieces build in the jelly base!

 photo 912739CB-2B6C-43C2-A95F-547819E06E62_zpsgtbjkyzw.jpg

And the sparkle is so unique, almost like a micro glitter, I haven't seen anything else quite like it. And because I have to nail art all the things I added some unique zebra stamps courtesy of the Bundle Monster BM221 plate!

 photo 1A277031-3BCD-4AF7-B7D7-EE5AA054CB41_zpsgdj30qob.jpg

 photo ADD416B3-87BA-4465-974F-D5F6D3B3B680_zpsruaohqv3.jpg

Application: This polish was a little on the thick side, but not hard to work with at all. Because it is a jelly base, opacity level may take up to three coats, but you would be fine with two. And boy, is does this polish have lasting power. I believe I wore this manicure for several days but I've had this sparkly polish on my toes for more than a month now. It is gorgeous and sparkly and unique and you need this!

Where to buy: Smitten Polish just restocked her store this weekend and it is full of amazing polishes. I bought five new bottles myself, but as far as quality goes, I have yet to be disappointed by Smitten Polish! Every polish is unique and applies/wears like a dream. I'm seriously crushing hard on Smitten Polish. Anyway, this retails for $9 on the Smitten Polish website.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Smitten Polish The First Lobster

This may be the most beautiful polish I have ever tried on. And it took me awhile to actually use it too, but once I did, man this is seriously the best polish ever!

 photo 88C79E43-D751-49F5-A7B5-89FC37B1E8DF_zpsec4gg8xp.jpg

Meet Smitten Polish's The First Lobster, this gorgeous holo polish is the most vibrant, bright and pigmented holo I have ever tried on. Just check out this polish indoors, below, there is no white cast at all – it is just this vibrant red-orange-coral amazing color.

 photo ABA4C713-6432-4937-9CE4-E3F7228E8FEF_zpsbaxqvi9m.jpg

Seriously, I've been searching for the perfect coral polish my entire life and I think I have finally found it. This is the most beautiful orange leaning red. I was originally thrown because when I saw the bottle it just looked like an orange holo, but I put it on and BAM!

 photo 44104D52-9F40-479F-819D-7F8B0FEEAC58_zpst6fb9dnb.jpg

I'm considering wearing this on my vacation coming up, because this is a color I could never bore of. Seriously, the best polish ever!

 photo AB248C60-77D1-40F1-A74A-81EE2D2498DF_zpseftasy2r.jpg

And boy do I have some good news for you. This polish, which was part of Smitten Polish's, Love Actually Collection and the creator of Smitten Polish has decided to bring this one back in her restock TOMORROW! That's right, in addition to her awesome summer collection, she will be bringing back The First Lobster, so now is your chance to get this awesomeness.

Application: This went on beautifully in two smooth coats, was not too thick or thin and wore beautifully! Seriously, I've been taken with Smitten polishes and I promise you will too!

Where to purchase: I purchased this from the Smitten Polish website for $11 and you can too! The Smitten Polish restock is scheduled Saturday July 26 at 2 p.m. Central time!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quarterfoil nail art to match my wallet

I have this lovely wallet that I've been inspired by for ages, and I finally had a free Saturday to sit down and really challenge myself with some quarterfoil nail art.

To begin I started with two coats of Color by Llarowe Nice Melons!

 photo BE702B92-75C4-4C82-87BE-333E9B53AB75_zpsexvlqs4f.jpg

Nice melons is a bright peach holo, that is very bright in the shade or indoors, see below.

 photo 7EEC6F1B-E150-4729-BC08-A58C181B842F_zpsd2ozmkrx.jpg

My wallet isn't technically quarterfoil, but I thought that design would be the best imitation I could do, since I didn't really have a stamp that would do the trick.

 photo 383404BA-C5F4-4670-ACBE-548A222C4D78_zpsfqg1wsu5.jpg

To create the quarterfoil I made clover shapes with a dotting tool using OPI Eurso Euro, three lines down the length of my nail.

 photo 09D2DC7E-A510-49A4-9DF4-0F7D25B0DFB5_zpsusyhnous.jpg

Then I used a smaller dotting tool to dot again with Nice Melons over the Eurso Euro dots to create the quarterfoil.

 photo D5CB2EF0-FFC5-466E-8B94-924CD5C516C6_zpsupeuj8bc.jpg

To make the look just a little more intricate and more sophisticated, I added little lines with a small paint brush at the points of the quaterfoil.

Overall this was a very time consuming look, and I did like matching my wallet but did find this a very difficult to accomplish. I guess it's worth it to try it at least once, but I don't know how many times I'll be doing it again.

What do you think? Have you ever tried quarterfoil nails? Have any tricks to make the application easier?

Monday, July 21, 2014

KBShimmer Belle of the Mall

Happy Monday everyone! I think I can only say that because I am typing this up not on a Monday. What is with Mondays? They really can be the worst sometimes huh?

Anyway today I have a sparkle bomb of brightness to share with you. I first fell in love with KBShimmer after seeing their outrageous jelly sparkle polishes that truly pack a punch. Belle of the Mall is from KBshimmer's their Spring Collection and it's a beautiful pink leaning coral jelly glitter bomb!

 photo 7DB2B856-9DD8-49CC-97B0-8403441E1E85_zpstwlzmw8k.jpg

Not only did this polish sparkle in the sun, it was almost neon in the shade! Such a beautiful bright pink color!

 photo FAD1FBF9-2129-4AC1-BC08-EB6BD8B1D019_zpslupe8pzj.jpg

This polish consists of holo hex pieces of various shapes suspended in a pink leaning coral glitter that glows in and out of the sunlight!

 photo C18FC405-AABF-4E98-B6D5-4E9AB97031EE_zps7gqqiehk.jpg

Now, I seriously love glitters, but I seriously hate removing glitters. So I naturally I got a base coat that makes removal easier – here I used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel. I have a love hate relationship with this base coat – I love how easy it makes my glitter to remove, but I hate that my manicure lasts less than 24 hours before it starts the easy removal process. I just want to wear a glitter for a longer amount of time (than 24 hours) and have an easy time removing it. But unfortunately that is just too much to ask.

And so I painted my nails the evening before and by 2 p.m. the next afternoon, this happened:

 photo 9E663BBC-634E-4794-BBB9-A7E84C792F79_zps3dlxgmbf.jpg

Application: KBShimmer makes THE best glitter bombs that require no fishing for the various sizes of glitter and went on easy in three coats!

Where to purchase: You can purchase Belle of the Mall from KBShimmer's website for $8.75. Seriously these are some of the most affordable and best quality indie polishes on the market, if you haven't already browse their site – they have something for everyone including cremes, holos, multichromes and yes glitter bombs!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beach shore nail art

Today I am showing you one such a fun nail art I did when people so many people all around the internet started to do their ocean themed manicures I became inspired!

 photo ECA71150-7FF8-4607-8994-16E9846841B5_zpsstno3nln.jpg

I started with a base of KBShimmer's In Bare Form – my ultimate most favorite nude polish, which I reviewed here.

 photo 37E83007-8B71-44C6-8A32-C1A8CDAFA63B_zpsmiv3opmg.jpg

I wanted to keep the holo going and I had the perfect polish for my waves crashing upon the shore. From Colors by Llarowe Summer Collection a beautiful blue called Surf my Wave, appropriate right? To make the waves appear as they did, I used a small portion of a kitchen sponge! It worked perfectly for creating the waves, as they have holes and it provided the perfect texture!

 photo 4E16685B-06BE-4F78-B825-9391514D2C96_zpshhsctn6w.jpg

I topped the whole thing off a few sparkles from Deborah Lippmann's Va Va Voom and a crab stamp to indicate it is a shore!

 photo 3DCFF935-2932-42C5-8520-04F3DEF902E1_zps5orzyman.jpg

How did you like it? Are you doing some beach themed nails for the summer? I love ocean themes on nails, I just love water all around! In fact right now I have blue holo skittles on my nails with wave-esque stamps – 'tis the season I suppose!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MoYou London Stamping Plate Giveaway

So you guys, today marks my sixth straight month of consistently blogging! Yay! And yesterday, I received a shipping error courtesy of MoYou London, my absolute favorite nail stamping plate company! Basically, when I ordered nail plates from them recently, my original order from them went through instead of the new plates I actually ordered – two emails later the problem was fixed and I had the right plates on their way to me, but I was shipped my original plates so I thought I would do a giveaway to share the love.

 photo E7705B2F-3614-4D1D-889D-B0774EF4EC5D_zpsvqsfku6c.jpg

Let me start off by saying these are by far the absolute best plates to stamp with ever. They are etched so deep there is never a problem trying to pick up the image when stamping with these plates. They are practically fool proof.

Anyway, the giveaway gives you an option to win one of three different MoYou London stamping plates! First off I will show you the plates and at least one stamping manicure I did with each plate.

First off my favorite the Sailor 04 Plate.

 photo 42ED61F6-DE76-4967-91A0-9A049EB0A198_zpsc61olmar.jpg

These are smaller images, which are perfect for my size nail, but might be a little small for others. Just keep that in mind if you win and I ask you what plate you would like to win.

 photo F0A62052-ED4E-4C5B-8831-A5D38BE8FF27_zpscctlf8zj.jpg

And one more from this plate because I love it SO much!

 photo 130C0D2F-066F-4320-B069-304119841237_zpsuvj773ua.jpg

The next plate is the Pro Plate 06 with XL images, I found these images to be a bit large for my nails, but would be perfect for someone with longer or wider nails than mine.

 photo 670A67E3-2B49-49A8-8B63-675DFF5501A7_zpsvhz1qepp.jpg

And here is a lovely floral manicure I did using this plate. 

 photo 796D9732-CE85-4DF5-BF85-207433A5D3B2_zpsvyeqcnjz.jpg

And finally, here is the Scholar 02 Plate. I found the images on this one to be a bit large for my nails as well too, but I'm a writer so I just had to have this one.

 photo 6E383BA3-C69A-496D-B4A9-5E234D31EAFC_zpsq4zz2wrz.jpg

And a quick morning stamping job I did using this plate, please forgive the early morning bad photography on this one.

 photo ECB4920C-FDC8-4881-A06A-CB75FD4E128A_zps3e2lb7vl.jpg

Before I get to the Rafflecopter I want to say just how wonderful MoYou London plates are. Seriously, if you haven't stamped with a MoYou Plate yet, once you will you will be totally hooked to the prospect of it I promise! MoYou London is based in the UK, but currently they have free shipping to the U.S. so what are you waiting for? Get your butt over there and order some plates!

The prizes one more time and then the Rafflecopter entry info! NOTE: This giveaway is for U.S. residents only (sorry to my international buddies, this is my first giveaway and I don't have the $$ for international shipping).

 photo E774D651-AAB4-43D0-A50E-3E7C79234C17_zps5j2udsgf.jpg

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 14, 2014

Colors by Llarowe Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa and girly unicorn nail art

When I first put on Colors by Llarowe Feelings, Whoa Whoa Whoa I had one thought – this is just about the most girly looking polish ever! It was purple and rainbows and happiness all around.

 photo AD2C3DEE-7A98-4CC6-81D8-04D8627F8D43_zpsw6loi9qc.jpg

Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa is a royal purple holographic polish that packs a punch! The holo in this is linear and strong. There is just something about purple that completes a holo. I really liked this polish! In indoor lighting, when the holo is weaker, the polish appears as a holo shimmer.

 photo AD0EEC38-0358-4FA7-8427-BD915C93CDAD_zpsdsy6redi.jpg

Because this polish was so girly looking, I thought it would be a great idea to add a unicorn! Because as a friend on Instagram told me "Unicorns got with everything!"

 photo 5235F3FE-33DD-4AB9-81A2-5B01A2301D7C_zps98att7kg.jpg

The unicorn is from Winstonia Plate 117 and the stars are from Winstonia Plate 107. I thought they make a great cosmic girly look perfect for this beautiful purple holo polish.

 photo 4D279189-5953-436E-8460-4A1394AE1BF6_zpsl4vlofak.jpg

Application: This polish went on in two vibrant coats. The polish was a little thicker due to it being a holo, but not something that was impossible to work with.

Where to purchase: Feelings Whoa Whoa Whoa is a polish I got for ordering on Leah Anne's (the maker of Llarowe) birthday. It was completely unexpected and I totally loved it because it wasn't a polish I would normally pick up for myself but it ended up looking amazing! You can't purchase this polish because it was a special polish, but you can purchase other Colors by Llarowe holos for about $12 at