Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Icicle nails

Today's challenge was icy blue and white colors, and I guess I took this one pretty literally!

 photo A61405B5-D467-42F8-BD47-DC5091848DA7_zpsfihfqq4t.jpg

I started with two thin layers of Zoya Blu as the base for my gradient. Then I added Blu, Zoya Edie and OPI I saw... U saw... We saw... Warsaw (the longest and most annoyingly named polish!) to a make up sponge and applied the gradient!

 photo 6166F713-CDE4-4F80-B577-054C6BB9AAA1_zpsfa9ceicl.jpg

I really do think I am getting better at my gradients! I'm finding the more I do them, the better I'm getting at it! For the icicles, I used a-England Encore Margot and a nail art brush to apply them. They aren't perfect but I do like how they turned out!

 photo 6976CC86-2BDB-4717-8024-20EFE2FC8B7F_zpsv9h6ptmv.jpg

This whole manicure was based on my very first nail inspiration I pinned about January of last year. I had just stared to use Pintrest for nail inspiration, and this was my very first pin. So I knew this year, with all of the experience I had gained, I just had to try it! And I think the results were great.

At first I was going to use this manicure, below, I had created before I even started this challenge, but I wanted to try the icicle technique. And so in this post I am sharing two for the price of one!

 photo FE4B5EEF-0FA6-4A6E-B54E-4D8975FEEB0A_zpsvyac5z5a.jpg

The glitter base here is KBShimmer Fallen Angle. With my order of Fallen Angle, I got some fun snowman glitter, which I placed in the center nail. I used Bundle Monster BM-407 for the tree stamps. I wasn't in love with this manicure too much though, because I feel like the stamping got lost a bit. Which I guess is why I did this as a two for one post, because I wanted to do something that truly fulfilled the prompt!

So which one of these manicures is your favorite?

And as a fun bonus, I'll leave you with a photo of my husband and I with Santa. We met him last night at a bar. No joke. I told him I want a never ending supply of nail polish for Christmas! ;-) It's a shame I didn't still have on my Santa nails when I met him!

 photo 20C9D053-3B71-407A-B1AE-E2556ADE5F8D_zpsdfapujua.jpg

And don't forget to check out all the other ladies who are in this challenge too!


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