Thursday, August 24, 2017

Newest Literary Lacquers LE

Hey everyone! Hope you're having good weeks. I'm deep in the agony of the final weeks of pregnancy, and when I say agony, I definitely mean it. So much physical pain and completely out of control emotionally and then that whole not knowing when you actually will be hitting the finish line.

BUT enough about me! I want to show you an absolutely beautiful polish that is out today! Today is special because it is Amy's, the creator of Literary Lacquers, birthday! Each year on this day she releases a special limited edition polish to honor the special day – and this year's selection is a beauty!!!





*Press Sample*

This is the gorgeous Literary Lacquers Unspeakably Undesirable. It is a bright coral mega glitter holo with copper, gold and rose microglitter. It was inspired by a quote from Mark Twain’s published journals “There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.”

And this polish does bring about a lot of happiness! I mean I seek anything that will bring me a sliver of happiness these days while I'm playing the waiting game and I wore this puppy for a week and it was full brightness and sunshine, lifting my mood for sure!

Also being released is Literary Lacquers A Thousand Different Strokes of Light, which was inspired by the Literary (&) Lacquers Facebook group book club selection "The Museum of Extraordinary Things," which I totally enjoyed reading! This was designed and named by Sharon Wood and is a light taupe subtle creamy holo with blue shimmer and flash. I didn't get this to swatch, but check it out on the Literary Lacquers Etsy site here!

Prices in the Literary Lacquers store are holos and multichromes are $12 and glitters, shimmers, creams are $10.

This month, and ongoing, returning shades include and I've tried to link to my swatches of the ones I have previously swatched.

84 Charing Cross Road
Cyan-tifically Proven
Shadow Between Us
Je Reviens
Rebecca, Always Rebecca
Tia Wanna
Curious Yellow
English Voodoo 

The Literary Lacquers shop will now carry the above polishes ongoing, no stressful restocks! But the first two polishes I shared are LE and are available today through Sept. 9! So get while the gettin' is good!

This may be my last post for awhile, hoping that whole becoming a mom thing happens soon. I'm sure I'll share various stuff via Instagram and FB so you can check me there!

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