Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Wrap Up

Merry Christmas Eve readers! Today I have a wrap up of my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge! Plus bonus shots at my attempts at nail art last year!

 photo 631A132F-31ED-4595-933D-62F296C48917_zpsccugkctt.jpg

I'm very proud of myself for completing the challenge and sticking to it. Having something to tackle nail art wise after getting home from work, or volunteering at the tree lot, I just really appreciated having the creative outlet. It gave me something to look forward to and something fun to think of how to tackle each challenge that lay in front of me. Believe it or not, it took the stress away from the holidays for me!

I'd have to say my favorite nails were probably my Christmas Skittle and my sweater nails.

Now, for the horrifying look at what I did last year at Christmas.

 photo F73AE966-66A7-4DE6-9E2F-5000D60EDBA1_zpskeg5mkbg.jpg

I wasn't even blogging my nails really at this point, it was more of a take photos of the nails, share them with ladies on Makeup Alley and Instagram. I really started the nail blogging in February of this year. At this point last year, I was just starting to get into indie polishes. I had my first KBShimmers, as you can see above, and was dabbling with some light nail art techniques. The lights I did were courtesy of some gelly roll pens.

And now a recap of all the art I did:

Day 1: Snowflakes
 photo 36887AFF-6190-46B9-ADC4-9CAB8DDB85A0_zpshclwkdly.jpg

Day 2: Christmas Trees
 photo 3F60AAD9-08BE-4163-9F15-F5ABC7581FEB_zpsemlqobqv.jpg

Day 3: Snowman
 photo EA3BD349-1525-418A-B031-9F897BF27CAA_zpsfh7gqirg.jpg

Day 4: Santa and Elves
 photo 23505065-A711-4563-A33C-98D9F82F62BB_zpsanjvfrbf.jpg

Day 5: Ice Blue and White Colors
 photo 6166F713-CDE4-4F80-B577-054C6BB9AAA1_zpsfa9ceicl.jpg

Day 6: Any line from the "12 Days" song - Two Turtle Doves
 photo B606A7CF-3895-4545-8B26-2B7156E57125_zpsa5iubli8.jpg

Day 7: Red and Green
 photo 43EDD344-3154-4792-8FF2-F9AD567B2443_zpsypkjq6zu.jpg

Day 8: Christmas decorations
 photo E174AFFC-8D04-431A-90A5-B6E39718E707_zpshgnuh3td.jpg

Day 9: Glitter
 photo D7AEED3E-805F-4C13-BB0A-4E42888DF678_zpsajnwfjps.jpg

Day 10: Ugly Sweater Nails
 photo 91FA149A-0878-4269-B6C4-2D0BB22B092C_zpstmsuycal.jpg

Day 11: Presents
 photo B64149AD-9556-4265-ABC7-DAD7F321DB76_zpso1cw1ni0.jpg

Day 12: Freestyle - Christmas Skittle
 photo 1A2853DE-7C17-4B17-B5B5-9B629E99411A_zpsvnravpqv.jpg

Merry Christmas dear readers. I am so thankful you take the time to read my blog and comment from time to time. I cherish you all. Coming up I have a post on some confessions and goals for the new year AND Top polishes and nail art of 2014!!!

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