Thursday, May 24, 2012


So I have a cold, an in my sick-induced dreams last night I had some wack-a-doodle dreams.

The first dream I gave birth to a baby boy. My Mom was with me in the hospital room (I don't know where Mike was) and I was asking her what happened. I had no recollection of the birth and was crying as I realized that I had made a child. I named him Cooper Brady Hatling. Which is weird, because my name for a boy is actually Conner Michael Hatling. Really weird and crazy dream because it felt SO REAL.

Then my second dream was about purchasing a house. And my dad was able to find a house that we could raise a family and stay in the Bay Area. This is my dream, but I know considering our household's combined salary, this is but a pipe dream. My dad found a wonderful house with a huge front and back yard (in Mountain View of all places) and he said we could afford it. Such a dream. Then there were some weird things happening at the house, a crazy man in the backyard setting trees on fire and sending a snake after me. A snake I eventually caught with my hand as I struggled with this crazy man trying to ruin my new house.

Then I woke up.

Strange, crazy dreams.