Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coral nail polish comparison swatches

Coral is definitely one of my favorite colors to polish my nails. It's a bright warm color that looks good on many skin tones and always reminds me of warm weather and sunsets. So before doing my most recent manicure, I decided to pull several colors from my collection and put them to the side by side test.

 photo F21B29DD-AEC8-4262-8D3F-40E331E33803_zps5mx62wwg.jpg

My most recent purchase was OPI Live.Love.Carnival from the OPI Brazil Collection and I wanted to see if I had any dupes in my collection. Turns out, I don't! The closest OPI Live.Love.Carnival comes to a dupe is with Essie Sunday Funday, but they have different finishes. Sunday Funday has some ultra fine silver glass-fleck shimmer in it.

Essie Come Here, which I have as a mini bottle, is a brighter deeper coral than Live.Love.Carnival and Zoya Heidi has is more of an orange leaning coral. I think Come Here and Heidi are brighter than Live.Love.Carnival, but all the corals look good to me!

Since I had all my corals out, there were two more shades I had always wanted a side by side comparison of because they look very similar in the bottle.

 photo 6EC8D3B0-DF73-484A-ADD0-53F1920F5233_zpsgmppwf7r.jpg

OPI Red Lights Ahead Where, from the Holland Collection has to be one of my absolute favorite nail polish colors of all time. It is a bright coral leaning take on a great red nail polish. Essie's Hip Anema, which I admit I had in my untrieds still, looked so similar. But when you compare them side by side, it is clear that Red Lights is more red and coral leaning, while I feel Hip Anema is more of an orange red and is definitely a darker color. Red Lights feels more bright.

So which coral is your favorite? I really like Essie's Come Here, but the formula in my mini bottle left something to be desired, maybe it needs some polish thinner. I like the oranger leaning coral of Zoya Heidi too, but it was not bright enough. Knowing me, I will be buying colors like this forever! Do you have any perfect corals you can recommend I check out?

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