Tuesday, December 30, 2014

These are my confessions and goals!

So as you'll notice there are a few things I haven't tackled on my blog. Either because I am too intimidated by it, or actually it is something I don't like very much.

So I thought it would be fun to confess a few things to you!

My Confessions

1. I am NOT a fan of textured polishes. I own only one textured polish (OPI Alcatraz Rocks) and I recently purchased a second one in a Zoya box I got on Thanksgiving (Zoya Godiva). I got these purely for the sparkle and plan to top coat them every time. I just don't like my polish getting snagged on a sweater or have my hair getting tangled in them!

2. Sometimes I pick my glitter polish off, because it take so long to get it off my nails. I know, I know, this is SUUUUUUPER bad for my nails. And yes, it causes peelies. But all the cotton that gets everywhere when trying to remove glitter polish is such a pain! Target's scrubby tubs have become a saving grace for me, but honestly, half the time I pick a non glitter polish because I don't like the hassle of removing glitter. Which is probably what drew me to holo polishes in the first place!

3. I just can't jump on the matte train. I know it's super popular and I might try it once or twice. But part of why I like nail polish so much is that it makes my nails so shiny and glossy. I can't imagine taking that away. But with the trend of all these amazing flakies, I might have to break out the matte top coat to see what that is like. 

4. I hate hate hate giving myself pedicures. It usually messes up my finger nails and it's so uncomfortable and I just can't get the hang of it. Plus I have super tiny toe nails, which is a hard canvas to work with. And feet are no fun to photograph, there is no way to make them look nice. And if I do get the courage to ever post them on IG, I get some creepy comment from some foot fetish person. Grrrrooooooosssss.

This is as cute as it gets, and it's not that pretty!

5. I think there is only one day this entire year that I went 24 hours with no manicure. It was around my grandparents' funeral, so I guess that is excusable. But I can't handle naked nails!!!

My naked nails, peelies and all!

6. I sometimes have a bad habit of chewing the skin around my nail. Not often, but if I haven't moisturized enough and I get a coarse part of skin there, I have this tick that just want to bite it off. And then that looks awful, especially on the hand I photograph. I think the moral of the story is, I need to moisturize/oil more often so that my skin doesn't get too coarse.

 photo B71606B3-6A1E-4D47-A3F7-C3132BC03457_zpsdydzjnps.jpg
See that extra skin, it's because I of my bad chewing habit!!!

7. I'm not a fan of long nails. I like my nails short, but I also hate to file/trim them. This usually makes the whole mani process so much longer and I find I have the bits of nail I filed off sticking to the bottom of my nail, usually underneath it and it really makes it tough to paint afterward. Unless I have a good soak with my mani, and I don't always have the time for that.

This is as long as I can handle my nails, I had to take them way down after this!

8. Swatching polishes isn't for me. Sweet Heart Polish was super kind enough to send me some press samples of her polish earlier this year. But I eventually found out that posting the swatches and getting the review done on a time table (not that she was holding me to one, but I felt the need to post ASAP once I received them because of her sweet generosity), made me stressed out. I have enough deadlines in my real life job, keeping to deadlines on the blog took the fun out of it for me. That isn't to say I wouldn't work with companies in the future, I'd love to help spread the word for indies and small businesses. I guess I'm more a nail art person and basically I'm not built with the skill set to swatch a lot of polishes. And I totally respect the ladies out there who do swatch – I mean I am in total awe of them and they do a great service to consumers like me (and for the companies too). I totally depend on them! I think I just get more out of nail art and just having fun with it. 

Ok so that's all I can think of for now. What are your confessions or bad habits when it comes to nails!? I know we all aren't perfect and we do have them!

Now onto some goals for 2015, some new things I'd like to try regarding nail art.

Goals for 2015

1. Water marble nails. I hear everyone groan about this, but I would really like to try it. I know it's messy and takes time, so maybe I'll just start with an accent nail. Or take a Saturday to try it out sometime. 

2. Lead light technique. I love seeing stamped images with some extra color. I don't have a ton of jelly polishes, but I have enough to try this out. 

3. Stamping decals. This is another thing I have avoided because it looks like it is time consuming. But I think I have the skills to tackle this now and I'd like to try it!

4. Trying new-to-me indies. I have part of this goal already accomplished. I have packages on their way to me from Fair Maiden Polish, Bear Pawlish and Black Dahlia Lacquer. All new companies I have never tried before.

 photo 79F594EB-A602-4511-A4B7-13B1F04463CF_zpsaqiyjabv.jpg
Just a few of the polishes I get to play with in 2015!

5. I'd love to host or help put together a nail art meet up for other Bay Area nail fanatics. I've already started connecting with some via Facebook. I started a group so if you are from the area, please join!!! This is a little intimidating to me, because hello strangers, but I love the community I've met so far. And it's super fun to talk to some local ladies who care as much about polish as you do!

6. Do more nail art challenges. I just completed the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge and it was SO much fun and really gave me something to look forward to. Especially on the days when you are just staring at your nail polish collection and are like... uhhhh I don't know what I want to do! I just joined the group Challenge Your Nail Art, and they are laid back and let people come and go as they please with the challenges.

 photo 631A132F-31ED-4595-933D-62F296C48917_zpsccugkctt.jpg

7. Continue to post regularly. I think I finally have this down. I had a bit there where life got in the way. But once I started the challenge which had me posting every other day, I really felt like I got in a good rhythm with my blog posting and management. For me it's never the doing the nails that is the problem, its the photos/editing and posting which I need to make time for. I was able to post a ton in December and if I can fit it in during the busiest time of the year, I think I should be set for the future. 

Those are all the goals I have right at this moment. What would you like to see more from me on the blog? I'd love to keep you interested and entertained, so let me know what you'd like to see more of. 

I'm not making any promises, as I'll be on vacation when this posts, but if I have it in me, I'll post my New Year's Eve manicure tomorrow!

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