Monday, June 23, 2014

Holo stripes nail art

I loved this manicure I just did last week so much it skipped the line and I blogged about it as soon as I could. I actually just removed this manicure Sunday morning, I wore it for a whole half week! Which is really unheard of for me!!!

 photo A82B7B50-1BD9-47AF-80D4-B93BB74E47D3_zpsp9rtjdwu.jpg

I started the manicure with a layer of OPI Alpine Snow and once it was dry enough, added some thin stripe nail vinyls to create the look.

 photo DACD0B04-63DF-49BC-BF7A-6DE44259D5C9_zpsjpy7bxrr.jpg

The polishes I used were, from top to bottom, Colors by Llarowe Chillin' in Paradise, Colors by Llarowe In A Different Dimension, Colors by Llarowe Surf My Wave and ILNP Summer Star Gazing. The sunshine shots of this manicure are just amazing!!!

 photo 64FB5EB8-9E76-40A1-836E-61189B235F1F_zpsscgt7rob.jpg

 photo 4F34204C-E6AE-4741-93E4-BACEBF44557B_zpsczijhike.jpg

And as an added bonus and happy accident, I discovered (well it was pointed out to me actually) that my nails totally matched my iPhone case! Guess I really do love those colors.

 photo C60BF38D-7675-48F5-9C8D-D8FAC76C2E5D_zpssxvftcog.png

I really loved this manicure, it was aquatic, without being too overly oceanic (a theme I've been going to a lot lately). The colors looked spectacular when I was at the pool on Saturday. This is definitely the best and most favorite nail art I have done in some time! What do you think? You could really do this with any color scheme, but I loved the blue/green theme as they are my favorite colors!

P.S. I am a part of my online friend The Mercurial Magpie's First Blogaversary and I have included a prize (1 of 30!!!)! So head on over to her site to enter the contest!

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