Monday, December 8, 2014

ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies Review

Hey guys! I got my ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies in the mail today and I don't care how late I had to stay up to post this, it was going to happen!

It is nearing midnight now and I had to cover a school board meeting, but I couldn't resist staying up to play with my new polish and bring you guys swatches right fast!

 photo D7D159B8-EADB-4280-82D7-D6CD7AD6959D_zpswub87ghg.jpg

Now these photos are not the greatest, but I wanted to get you the awesomeness as soon as I could!

The ones I chose, from left to right, are Open Fields, Electric Carnival and Supernova!

 photo C6B2ADFC-41A2-42FF-AB3B-A7915D24A07D_zpsju3pnwhm.jpg

A close up of the three. From left to right in this shot - Super Nova, Electric Carnival and Open Fields. I did two thin coats over Zoya Chantal (I finally found a flattering nude creme, so amazing)

 photo 93C9843B-58BA-4793-99EE-4CE40D15EAC9_zpsee6a70h9.jpg

These polishes were extremely easy to work with and I can't wait to play with them and pair them with different base coats! I just wanted to get a side by side comparison for all you people who are interested in purchasing them! If your curious about my five nails above, they are EC, SN, EC, OF and SN.

Unfortunately, due to shipping issues with ILNP getting their bottles, the release date is most likely pushed back until late December. But follow them on Facebook to get all the latest updates. Each bottle retails for $12.50. If you want to get them as a gift for Christmas and they aren't in stock on time, try getting them an ILNP gift card, it will be just as good and they can get the polish as soon as ILNP restocks! I hope you all like this post, I just love these polishes. I only chose three from the entire collection – believe it or not there are actually 13 to choose from!

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