Friday, May 30, 2014

Sunset gradient nails

Let me start this post off by saying, I really really loved this manicure. These are the type of nails I dream about. Unfortunately, these nails lasted about as long as a sunset. :(

 photo 6CA9C043-6AC3-43B0-8DB8-FD8F9519E459_zpse0scnwlb.jpg

Now, I'm not the best at gradients, this is really my second successful go at it. But man is it beautiful!

 photo 4B5F6116-1009-4B80-AC04-FB3A1AC2F4D6_zpsaw74nmrp.jpg

 photo 2EFD26BB-3882-4DC7-8EF5-94338BC06AAF_zpsstx1d4nm.jpg

 photo 366FD125-6122-4319-951B-692E2727B31F_zpszjek8hjr.jpg

Application: I began this manicure with three thin coats of China Glaze Son of a Peach. For the gradient I used Son of a Peach, Zoya Heidi and OPI Eurso Euro sponged up and down (with a makeup sponge) to create the sunset effect. To top it all off I did a layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust to create the twilight stars are coming out of the backdrop.

So I determined after this manicure, that my body chemistry does not agree with China Glaze polishes. They just do not want to last on me. The majority of China Glaze polishes I own are neons, so I guess this is a fact I remember every summer. I'll keep the ones I have around, they are pretty good for stamping, but I'm so sad that this manicure chipped in less than 24 hours of application. I'm sure it's the Son of a Peach base because I switched up nothing else in my application process.

I'm still a newbie at gradients, do you have any tips for making the application go smoothly? I still haven't tried the whole get your sponge wet first thing, I wonder if that would help? Using a non Zoya polish as the base definitely helped this time (because Zoya polishes take longer to dry on me), but I can't use China Glaze again. Anyway share your tips in the comments if you have any! Thanks and have a great weekend!!!


  1. I don't know any gradient tips because I've yet to try it. But I did want to say that it's a gorgeous mani.

  2. Too bad that China Glaze doesn't work for you! For me, it's Zoya. Gotta hate that!
    I guess I am using my own way to do gradients? I pick a plastic wrap, piece of sheet or whatever, put a drop of each polish I want to use in there, side by side, and sponge up and down on the plastic. Then I do the same on my nails, but that way the colours are already mixed for me to have a flawless gradient if that makes any sense. I must say I do that only with two different colours though. My nails are not long enough to attempt a 3 colours gradient!

    1. That's an interesting method! I'll have to try that out sometime soon!

  3. That combo of colours is amazing!

    1. I know I just loved how this looked like a vibrant sunset at dusk!

  4. I think it is successful design- I like it very much :)