Friday, December 19, 2014

Ugly Sweater Nails

Well my Ugly Sweater Nails turned out to me more pretty holiday sweater nails, I really really love these nails guys!

 photo 3AD2001F-F2C0-4C4F-82C9-15C45D7E601B_zpsanwujnvi.jpg

I started with three thin coats of Literary Lacquers A Thousand Christmas Trees. Truly love this evergreen holo! It is a linear holo with microglitter holo scattered throughout. Literary Lacquers has become one of my favorite brands this year!

 photo 91FA149A-0878-4269-B6C4-2D0BB22B092C_zpstmsuycal.jpg

Please excuse the chip in the above photo. I've been experimenting with base coats, and I haven't found a good one yet. Obviously.

Anyway, the next step was to stamp the sweater design. I used Winstonia W120 plate for this design. It was tough, I had to restart a few times, because stamping a design that has lines, means you have to get it straight, and that is a feat! What I felt the whole design was lacking though, was a reindeer. So I broke out my Bundle Monster BM-H01 and stamped this reindeer.

 photo B9C1BE9D-1B4D-4A4B-871F-C97275F10042_zpsbkwr6u9d.jpg

Then I felt it was too blah, needed something more. So I added the red dots to create a more interesting look.

 photo 0EB6174C-4BD9-4A2B-B8BA-15E113F48EF5_zpsip5aaypc.jpg

So what do you think!?!? I think this might actually be a favorite of mine. I'm so upset it chipped because that meant I didn't wear it long, but I could definitely try recreating this in the future. So pretty!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies in the challenge below! Only two manis left and I will have made it through my first challenge ever! So excited I stuck to it all!



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