Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sad ending

So someone in our condo complex passed away last week, and unfortunately his body had to "be discovered." That meant one of the neighbors called the police for a welfare check after enough flies collected in the unit to concern them.

What a sad way to go that you are that much of a recluse that no one notices when you are gone. I have no idea who lived in that unit (it was a building over, so I don't see those neighbors too often), but it makes me sad for the person living their life in that condo. Once we knew that the unit was unoccupied, Mike and I looked through the second bedroom window (which had its shades partly open). Apparently this person was a bit of a hoarder, but a hoarder of books. The second bedroom was piles and piles of books everywhere.

The fact that this person was an avid reader made me even more sad, because I felt some sort of connection (albeit really tiny).

One really gross thing about this whole mess is that after the body was removed (by the police and hazmat) nothing else has been done with the unit. There are still flies, a neighbor said there was a rat and the above neighbors claim there is still an odor.

You would think the HOA, even if this was a rented unit, would be able to contact either the owner (if the deceased was not the owner) or at least an alternate contact (as HOA papers require all the owners to have).

I'll be very sad to think that this person owned the unit and had no alternative contacts. What will happen then? What happens to those people who honestly die so very alone?