Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Live in the moment?

How do you live in the moment and enjoy today?

It seems like I am always thinking about the next five years. How will we get a house? What's getting back on diet going to be like? Will I be able to handle pregnancy? Will we have enough money? Can I stay at home with my future child before elementary school? Can my child have the same great childhood I had?

All these questions mounting, one on top of the other. It gets very very stressful.

I feel like Mike and I are always talking about what we will do when.... It is making it very hard to stop and enjoy what we have today.

I know it is important and responsible to be prepared, but obsessing over what we do in the future lets us forget about today.

Where is that fine line between being prepared and neglecting what you have the in present?

What do you do to help you stop and smell the roses (or my favorite, the hydrangeas)? What do you do when you want to enjoy the present, instead of always obsessing on the future?

Do you have advice for me?