Friday, October 24, 2014

Black and white Halloween manicure

I drew a lot of inspiration for this manicure from a post I saw on Pintrest!

 photo F179AC2E-5669-4623-9454-0435EBA6790E_zpsfmciit88.jpg

Now I don't have the freehand skills that this lady does, so used Bundle Monster BM-H07 plate to stamp the web on my index finger. I freehanded that spider as best I could, but my employer said it looked like a scorpion to her. I think it's cute.

 photo 5A21D8C9-7860-4A8C-AB40-A11B016676BA_zpsv9i7zlyz.jpg

I didn't just want a black and white manicure though, so I added white and black dots on the thumb and pinkie to make it more Halloween-esque. The sparkle is courtesy of Painted Polish Drunk on Holo of course!

 photo 399715EC-73DF-4BFF-8C66-6652264B5640_zpsc4jiqdrx.jpg

I think this was a good manicure to round out my Halloween week here on Newsie Nail Novice. I really liked this look the best I think. I think the freehand gives it something special. Now my freehand skills are not the best, but I think practice makes perfect.

Have you guys tried freehand art before? Are you a pro? What tips do you have for me!?

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