Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dance Legend Different View

Hello everyone! Today I have a spectacular polish to share with you from Dance Legend. Different View is a multichrome chameleon with a stunning holo finish.

Different View is from Dance Legend's Holodays collection which has a linear holo finish from scattered holo particles. 

 photo A3F3B0FA-4DBE-48C8-898A-28F5434A7AA0_zpsgkctwser.jpg

This polish has a purple to green shift, which leaves it looking unique in any type of lighting.

 photo 206E089E-FAB6-48AB-93BA-A172C315B4BA_zpsd2z9ix9c.jpg

The holo particles are in scattered foil pieces, which look silver in the shade, above, but out in the sun it is mega holo amazingness!

 photo E3FE444C-B72D-49ED-999A-C6DE7B28E761_zpsusphnflh.jpg

At sunset I checked out the nails again and the green was really showing strong! I feel like the green in this is an olive color with the purple having a more bright and vibrant feel.

 photo 6CD97D21-6046-407A-88CC-EAD897009F82_zpstsn0gyh2.jpg

 photo E3FE444C-B72D-49ED-999A-C6DE7B28E761_zpsusphnflh.jpg

Overall, this polish is just amazing and delivers on so many fronts: Holo? Check! Multichrome? Check! Unique? Check!

I guess I really just love polishes that look different every time I look at them, I guess that is why this polish is called "Different View," because it's a different experience every time you look at them!

Application: Even though the scattered holo pieces can make this polish look a little textured, this polish went on smooth in three thin coats. Two would have been fine, but I wanted an ultimate shift so I added an extra coat for good measure. I topped it with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Where to Purchase: I purchased this polish at Llarowe, a US stockist for Dance Legend, a Russian Nail Polish brand. It came in a 15 ml bottle and retails for $13. And good news! This polish is currently available at Llarowe! The enabler in me says you should purchase this stunner right away!

Extra note: Sorry I only posted twice this week, still adjusting back to regular life after my lengthy trip I returned from last week. Next week should be business as usual – Monday, Wednesday, Friday!

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