Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: Zoya Rue and Winstonia XL Stamper

Since I have a birthday this week (Tuesday!) I was celebrating early this weekend with family and I got some new nail toys to play with so I thought I would give it a shot and write a review.

 photo e1770577-2839-4ba6-9bb9-2ef102526f53_zps6915c991.jpg

So I got a set of Winstonia plates (First Generation 20 plates), Bundle Monster plates (Holiday Collection) and an Winstonia XL Stamper.

Can I just say one thing first? Thank goodness for the internet, because I was having so much trouble trying to figure out how to stamp with the new stamper. Apparently you need a soft touch both picking it up off the plate and placing it on the nail. They key is a soft touch.

 photo ff9319ea-a74d-49de-8b09-4d40fb6ed1c4_zps952ec668.jpg

I had limited resources this weekend, and I hear the easiest way to use this stamper is to clean it with painters tape or a lint roller sheet. The white tip is made of a sticky silicone material, so if you clean it with a paper towel or with a cotton swab, it picks up any and all lint possible. So in the future I will try that.

So my results of my stamping job?

 photo 91a51f18-6006-4837-b094-00368f3d9f06_zps47ba594b.jpg

The base is Zoya Rue (more on that in a bit), and I used Winstonia plate 111 as the image. I also topped the whole thing off with a coat of Out the Door Northern Lights to give this mani a little sparkle.

So it took nearly two hours to perfect my technique, I finally understand how to use this stamper and I look forward to many more manis, getting better with my stamping each time I try it. As you can tell, I am not great at it yet, but I will keep trying for sure.

 photo 2fbe2624-9db5-447c-98d8-9ceb15109ad9_zpsbd626127.jpg

Now on to Zoya Rue. I did not think I was going to like this polish. I saw the swatches online before the collection was available to purchase and it was my favorite. Then I received the bottle and noticed how close it was to my skin tone and I thought for certain it was going to be too nude or boring, but it is just pink enough (without making my skin look awful) that I actually really liked it.

Application: Rue had a great formula and went on perfectly in two coats. Application of the stamper- have a light touch – including when scraping, picking up the image and transferring the image to the nail. The Wistonia plate I used (my first ever) worked well once I figured out how to get the image off the plate (it's all in the soft touch!).

Where to purchase: You can purchase Rue on Zoya's website for $9. The Bundle Monster plates can be purchased on their website, most bundles are around the $20 mark. They are also available on Amazon. The Winstonia stamper and plates are available on their website and on Amazon. The stamper is $6 and the plate sets are around $17.

What's next?: It's my birthday on Tuesday and now that I have plates with birthday images, I expect a fun and colorful birthday manicure!

Weekend getaway recap: Mike (my husband) and I traveled to Monterey Dunes with his mother and father to celebrate his Mom's and my birthdays. We had a fun time going around Monterey, seeing rainbows, enjoying the sunset and the beach and relaxing.

 photo 06c2218f-9c78-4280-bede-c25fda84a42a_zpsf3e7815c.jpg

We were seeing rainbows all day yesterday as we were at Cannery Row and the old fisherman's Wharf in Monterey proper.

 photo bd7b6449-1031-450b-99c7-6236946f1087_zps47c2d9ec.jpg

 photo 09201cc2-7946-4a9c-af96-028ab9b88b32_zps66b47e6d.jpg

The sun came out and the weather was great for walking around.

 photo 07c77270-32d9-4970-8513-0c70060bae55_zps373ecb4f.jpg

The sunsets have been amazing!

 photo 498c20ec-2a01-4224-bd6f-0d3bd95296f9_zps40b7332a.jpg

And the presents before, above, and after! I made out like a bandit!

 photo 7d1fc52a-4648-4748-a081-4e78f2b744db_zps92f1b618.jpg

 photo b709417a-4a86-473c-b1a2-83486f7aa57d_zps85212d37.jpg

The birthday girls had a great weekend and later tonight we will be enjoying the Oscars!

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