Friday, May 16, 2014

Dance Legend Spring Wow Prism Beautiful Lie

As soon as I saw a swatch of Dance Legend Beautiful Lie I knew it had to be mine. It's that ultimate shade of blue that I have been searching for with that wonderful scattered holo finish that I am absolutely obsessed with.

 photo E5161154-708F-4F94-8CC0-6A20C5FECDFE_zps75deuemk.jpg

Even in the shade below, the color payoff is still beautiful!

 photo D55522E8-7899-4C5C-B132-D193DF09EDC3_zpsqy2uslt4.jpg

And as an added bonus, I found a perfect blue creme polish that matches perfectly with this polish – Essie Chills and Thrills. This seriously is like the blue of the year for me. It's a lavender leaning blue that is soft but not quite pastel. Very unique. And so I paired Beautiful Lie with Chills and Thrills using some nail vinyls and I was quite pleased with the result!

 photo 2E7265CC-5FE5-45F2-B826-A4BC66E750F6_zps8kzchakv.jpg

 photo 08711AF5-B275-4A44-812A-35084651D15A_zpsdwao5xdo.jpg

Chills and Thrills is a trick color to photograph. It shows up in my photos more cobalt leaning than lavender, but trust me, it works perfectly with Beautiful Lie.

 photo 462B5151-A17D-42CB-AE64-41BF2E1DA8D5_zpsds3mci8k.jpg

 photo 2DF27864-013E-4991-B1A7-DB8800BCA2EE_zpsp1hdybdr.jpg

I apologize for some of the tip wear in some of these shots. I really loved this manicure so I wore it for several days!

So on to nail vinyls, they are this incredible invention and they come in various shapes such as straight lines (which I used for this manicure) or chevrons (which I used for this manicure). They also come in lightening, single chevron, zebra print and more. They retail for about $6.00 a sheet (which have 100 pieces a sheet). Order them here, they are amazing!!! An application tip: use tweezers while applying and removing and make sure to remove the nail vinyls while the nail polish is still wet, you'll get less mess ups that way! Here is a quick tutorial that shows how to do this with a gradient (haven't tried this yet but want to!). Totally not my tutorial, but I just You Tube searched nail vinyls before applying for tips.

Application: As for the application of Beautiful Lie, it went on perfectly in two thin coats. Chills and Thrills was a little patchy (and goopy) and required two quick quotes before removing the nail vinyls. I topped the whole look off with HK Girl Top Coat.

Where to purchase: Essie polish is widely available at drug stores, online etc. I bought this bottle off of Color4Nails for $5. Dance Legend polishes can be purchased through their website. I purchased this polish on Llarowe. They retail for $13. Purchasing from the Russia site will take a long while to reach the US from what I've heard. Beautiful Lie is currently out of stock at Llarowe, but she frequently restocks. 

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