Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Emily De Molly Monet's Garden

This sparkle polish is amazing! Created and named for Monet's Garden in France, this polish is such a beautiful homage to Monet's beautiful garden!

 photo A6C6C366-6CC9-4B16-805D-89536AC09C30_zpsmlriznv9.jpg

The polish consists of green, lime, neon green, purple and blue glitter suspended in a green jelly base. I could not keep my eyes off this glitter! It was so beautiful. I'll show it in a variety of lighting so you can get a feel for it indoors and out.

 photo 0D61AB4B-44C1-44A0-A4C1-52102D32EE1E_zpsy4ghegiw.jpg

 photo 8F60AC08-4142-44F3-8963-49D26B000C42_zps91sbqgbh.jpg

Since I was so drawn to the neon lime pieces, I thought I'd add some chevron accents to highlight the neon green glitter in the polish.

 photo E39677F1-ABE4-436C-82F8-1786F43750D7_zpsgonh9wft.jpg

The polish I used for the chevrons is Essie's The More the Merrier. I used nail vinyls to create the chevron look.

 photo B0AB1C9F-0557-4C07-9BB8-9F321722A5D9_zpshdgrhjl9.jpg

 photo 4EF3966C-5F6E-4AF5-91C0-6032AE85BB69_zpsiagzm2wx.jpg

Application: I was so impressed with the application of this glitter. It went on in two coats and was not difficult to apply. No dabbing needed and the application did not drag the glitter. It was the best experience I've ever had with glitter application. Unfortunately, I really loved this polish and wore it for several days – took 30 minutes to remove! Curse you beautiful glitter!!!

Where to Purchase: Emily De Molly is an Austrailian nail polish brand, so I turn to her USA stockists to purchase. I purchased this polish on Llarowe for $13. So word on the street is the creator is currently taking a maternity hiatus from creating the polish, but should be back. So keep an eye out for this amazing polish!

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