Monday, January 26, 2015

Fishtail Braid Nails

Today, as a part of Crumpet's 52 Week Pick and Mix Challenge, I attempted a new to me nail art technique: The Fishtail Braid nails.

I google'd a few tutorials and watched them first, just so I got the hang of it, but basically this is braiding strokes of three different colors.

 photo FAE9256B-7B62-43DD-A2E7-94E34B241DF4_zpsjkktzxby.jpg

To begin I used two thin coats of LynBDesigns Seize the Day, Boys, a lovely teal holo polish with gold flashes. The application on this was perfect, very impressed with the quality of this polish. It is a bit jelly like on the first coat, but evens out by the second coat.

 photo 2E4B9C33-579C-4287-910A-F1D75FFE201A_zpsznvqb4xf.jpg

After that I went to work on the Fishtail Braid technique. It was a little difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it isn't so bad.

 photo 88D3CA1A-D0BC-4719-AA12-4AC446908429_zpslyeavcwp.jpg

To complete the look I added a dotticure to tie in the three colors on the other nails. I was originally going to do a skittle look, but I accidentally went nuts with the dots so I didn't get there unfortunately.

 photo D639A246-61DF-418A-9282-5C86C8FF6069_zpsnnrjx7ya.jpg

The coral/red polish is Zoya Rocha and the silver is Essie No Place Like Chrome.

 photo CA8776D2-05C5-4902-8BD5-CAAD4F8B97E9_zpsez7qvryu.jpg

Overall I liked this look, and trying a new technique, but I found it a bit time consuming trying to make sure the layers were dry between strokes. I think this technique probably works best with one coaters, which Seize the Day, Boys was not. The polish does build up on the Fishtail Braid nail, so you have to be extra careful not to dent it.

What do you think? Have you tried this nail art technique before? Do you have tips to share?

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