Friday, January 2, 2015

Fair Maiden Polish Review

One of my New Year's Goals was to try out some new-to-me indie polishes and today I get to share with you one of my most recent purchases! These are four polishes from Fair Maiden Polish, a newish company on the indie polish scene which has been getting rave reviews from several bloggers I follow!

I chose a sampling of their polishes from several of their collections.

 photo F28393F7-29FA-4655-8677-32FF6C7E6432_zpseydzflmb.jpg

From left to right: Be Your Own Heroine from the Fair Maiden's premiere collection, Sleigh Bells in the Snow and Merry Plum and Bright from the Baby It's Cold Outside Holiday Collection and Times Square from the New Year's Trio.

So on New Year's Eve I found myself with no plans, and my husband was working an overtime shift as a favor, so I thought it would be the perfect time for a swatch party and Fair Maiden Polishes were the ones I decided to play with!

First just a note about these polishes, they were all fantastic formulas which I had absolutely no problems with. I was very impressed for such a young indie brand. I've shown each polish in the shade and under direct light. So let's get to the individual polishes!

 photo B5D575BE-FFDE-45D3-97E1-876A283065A4_zpsjlqfmjmi.jpg

 photo 0D0B5282-248D-45C8-94B7-080433B36BC4_zpsxjreeqtn.jpg

 photo B10D9335-2263-4960-AB17-5A51842946C1_zpsrlo2xqdf.png

This is Times Square, which is a beautiful light blue linear holographic polish with the most unique pink microflecks, giving the polish even more beauty. My photos did not quite capture the pink/violet flash this polish has, but trust me it is there and it is beautiful. This polish was a bit sheerer than the others, so I used three coats for this opacity. It retails for $10.

 photo 97F34ACB-1A22-4DFE-B0C6-5F16BEFC813B_zpsti1hxoas.jpg

 photo 12A2198A-0AED-4231-A5EB-F44C47329654_zpsiyohmrru.jpg

 photo C9EA39CB-453C-412E-80EB-A0D1AAF42AC1_zpsyxpbb5qs.jpg

This is Merry Plum and Bright, which is on sale for $7 at the moment while supplies last since Kirby at The Mercurial Magpie named this as one of her top 20 polishes of 2014! I can see why this was a favorite, this polish was my favorite of the four I bought. This polish is a gorgeous plum/violet linear holo with the most spectacular gold flashes, making it truly a unique polish in my collection. I used two coats. Normally, this isn't a color I would gravitate toward, but I just loved this polish so much. I'm sure you'll see it on me again at some point in a nail art post!

 photo 2AB2CCBF-8463-4A30-91E9-69B2E9781AE4_zpshmnra4sp.jpg

 photo E3997F9C-3926-4958-A7D6-61A8AC3E527A_zpsbf6cb0s9.jpg

 photo 9BB12E26-5326-413B-8DF4-BD7016A96E2E_zpsll2fjxny.jpg

Next up is Sleigh Bells in the Snow, which was the polish that originally attracted me to Fair Maiden Polish. This is a gorgeous snowy white polish, with these hidden sparkles that you can catch in the light. I tried to capture it, but there is so much to see there! This polish was a little thicker than the others, but was not difficult to work with. This is two coats. Retails for $9.

 photo 0360275B-BA08-45DD-B0D8-FF9550D6535A_zpsbxrh1uwe.jpg

 photo 61AD2888-D03E-4C50-BF1C-F7D32C49CCBB_zpsdbrfwlwc.jpg

 photo 84372352-BA9E-4BFA-900F-EEBF40D20F20_zps9rdc3iek.jpg

The final polish is Be Your Own Heroine. This was a gorgeous dark grey linear holo with pink/violet microflakies which gives the polish a lovely violet glow. This was another gorgeous unique polish with a great formula, this is two coats. Retails for $9.

 photo 77EF8C06-16AB-496D-B287-90E63B5A1306_zpsiip6vgga.jpg

Overall, these polishes are super impressive and I can see myself using them all in the future in nail art! So don't be surprised if you see them in a post again sometime soon.

Now as I type this (last night), they are low on stock and even out of Times Square. But they do schedule restocks and I suggest you follow them on their social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) to keep up to date. I can't wait to see what they have planned for the future, because so far, these polishes are unique and not like other things I've seen out on the indie market!

Have you tried Fair Maiden? Which of these is your favorite?

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