Monday, January 12, 2015

Nails Inspired by a Film: Almost Famous

So this week I thought I'd jump into another weekly nail art challenge The Crumpet's Nail Tarts! She is currently hosting a 31 Day challenge in January, and fit the weekly prompts into it. So this week's prompt is holo and film. So I combined the two!

I started out with two beautiful coats of Girly Bits More Cowbell. This is a lovely light blue-grey holographic polish with tiny blue iridescent flakies that give the polish a wonderful blue flash, making it truly unique!

 photo A1C9A495-5377-43BC-B61C-089A81E60450_zpsocxcwjdv.jpg

Now onto the film! I chose Almost Famous, one of my all time favorite movies! If you haven't seen it you must!

 photo caf8a150-ad65-4297-9a4c-5f3c37c7e079_zps528e575d.png

The film is about a 15 year-old who ends up getting to write a story for the Rolling Stone following a band throughout their tour in the golden age of rock and roll. And it is one of my all time favorite performances Phillip Semour Hoffman ever played in!

 photo 295b95bb-f623-41d4-ae72-d6703363082b_zps54cd65b6.png

Now onto the nail art! Well, I went through all of my stamping plates and I didn't have a single musical one, which is a bit crazy. I did have type set though, which I thought was appropriate because the main character uses a typewriter for his story. I also had sunglasses, which is a homage to the movie poster (see above).

 photo F40C3BF1-CDB6-49AB-988A-4E002C59468E_zpsce44cmws.jpg

For the background, I decided to do a flower-y (almost hippie-esque) three color background (using Zoya Kieko, OPI Eurso Euro and Essie Hip-Anema). I thought it was somewhat psychedelic if you will. I used this as the background for each nail. I used my Lily Anna 06 plate.

 photo D790D395-9172-4A5F-AD14-A233D3CFF320_zpsxamvikse.jpg

I used my Messy Mansion MM24 plate for the type-set! I just love this plate, for obvious reasons, since I am journalist! For the sunglasses I used my Winstonia W109 plate.

 photo F49BE667-A639-4099-B1D6-A1CFD6615B13_zpsgah2wkwd.jpg

I freehanded the musical notes with a black polish and various sized dotting tools. Yes I know I need to work on the freehand. I think I might want to try messing around with some acrylic paint, might be easier to work with.

 photo 38E8BE89-0CB3-4AE5-8BA9-27AF7AB5409A_zps69fdwkd8.jpg

So what do you think about this mani? It's a little all over the place, but I really like it because it was inspired by the movie. And yes I watched the movie while working on this look, seemed appropriate. Have you seen this movie, did you love it?!?!

And below are the links of all the other film-inspired movies of the day! Enjoy!


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