Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's a Cold and Blustery Day Nails

So as a young child, I was definitely into Winnie the Pooh. I'm guessing I was more into the books, rather than the cartoon (because I wasn't the biggest fan of cartoons), but who actually knows.

One thing I do remember from my childhood is my mom telling me I used to always say when it was cold out (which in Southern California was not often), "It's a cold and blustery day!" Which I still say from time to time. She told me I got this from Winnie the Pooh.

Scrolling online I tried to find an image from the books that would capture what I was thinking of!

 photo 9B12C8A5-35E0-4F77-90F9-CC9923704DB0_zpsdvqvpnvb.jpg

So I decided that for The Woods prompt for the Challenge Your Nail Art Winnie the Pooh Challenge I would do my best to recreate, the feeling of cold and blustery day nails!

 photo 76EE5E03-5101-430B-B2AE-33764A12EE5B_zpsb3ucjgkk.jpg

I started with three coats of Literary Lacquers Always Christmas, Never Winter, which I consider to be a bright blue without being too dark.

 photo 4BA1F087-B82C-4D32-A68E-3D8E677AE131_zps4luetfd4.jpg

Then I broke out my stamping plate Bundle Monster BM-312 for the clouds blowing the wind and stamped that on my thumb. I used Winstonia W-113 for the umbrella tumbling in the wind. Because I seem to remember there being an umbrella in the books, toppling through The Hundred Acres Woods.

 photo 7E8504AD-9F95-42C7-A53D-3EBF63205071_zpsmbjaqhrt.jpg

Then I tried to recreate the woods and the windy tree, and well, that probably where my vision was ruined a bit. Using some of my smaller nail art brushes, I tried my hardest to recreate the wind, the leaves blowing off the tree and the green grass of course.

 photo 09E74A7C-6CEC-4D86-97EC-50AE52EC7B2B_zps7wjqsou5.jpg

I'm not going to 100 percent knock this mani because, well, mission accomplished. But I'm not going to say it's pretty either. Oh well, it was fun to remember a childhood literary love of mine!

Oh and don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies (who I'm sure did much better on this)!


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