Friday, May 23, 2014

Colors by Llarowe In Another Dimension with some beach-y nail stamping

One of my favorite nail colors is definitely teal. It's pretty obvious as my blog and Instagram feed show, I wear it A LOT. Anyway here is a beautiful teal holo I recently purchased on a whim, and boy I am super glad I did!

 photo CB56F653-7999-4254-B28C-E549EBAD03A2_zpsveyeudrp.jpg

I eventually added some stamps, so here is a quick preview of that!

 photo 4BD4206A-4C4B-40D1-B304-F03295A45B97_zpsagsfo5xp.jpg

Anyway, some of the clean up isn't quite finished on these polishes, but I had to run out and see it in the sunshine and I just couldn't wait!

 photo 92B55ED4-B48B-4269-8183-E423807C2B29_zpspzsg08fy.jpg

I feel this is a teal that leans blue, in the shade (below), you can see which way it wants to lean better.

 photo 7EC584CE-500E-4815-A679-A7D8FD527A3F_zpsnz6do90r.jpg

 photo A21077DD-C236-44D9-BD4B-0EE5742E2973_zpssxnlt9n2.jpg

To add a little flair and because I love any ocean themed nails, I added some wave stamps (from MoYou Sailor Plate 04) and some fun beachy stamps include a whale (Winstonia 108 plate) and a crab and palm tree (Winstonia 106 plate).

 photo 1F10C0AB-2D6E-4E0D-B44F-366195CE0C59_zpsvgoau1gb.jpg

Application: Unfortunately the formula on In Another Dimension was not great. It was so thick upon opening I had to add thinner to it before even trying to properly apply. I've truly never had to do that with a polish before. Adding thinner did help a bit, but the polish is still quite a bit on the thick side. The polish did wear well (wore on another weekend out of town) and was topped with HK Girl Top Coat.

Where to Purchase: Colors by Llarowe In Another Dimension was part of their Spring release and they have already retired it. But fear not, Leah Ann has 31 new shades releasing for preorder very soon! I purchased this polish for $12. Colors by Llarowe are available on the Llarowe website, along with many great indie nail polish brands.


  1. Beautiful color! :-) Stinks the formula is a bit thick.

    1. Once thinned it wasn't as tough to work with, I definitely think the color payoff is worth the thick formula. I really loved this mani!

  2. What a great polish combo! In Another Dimension looks so pretty, it's a shame it's a pain to work with : / I hate it when such pretty polishes cause such stress using it!

  3. Such a beautiful polish! Llarowe uses uncut suspension base, so her polishes can be on the thick side (I actually like thicker polishes), so it's recommended to thin it to your preference, it won't damage the product as long as you're using thinner and not nail polish remover :)

    1. Yeah I used thinner Debbie and it worked just fine! I've just never had to do it upon opening a polish before, so it was a different experience for me. The color payoff was definitely worth it though!!!