Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review Girly Bits Lack of Pies

Recently I had the pleasure of trying my first Girly Bits Polish and I was very impressed. My second at bat with the company left me even more wowed!

 photo DD460126-F784-4CF9-A092-677C42B7F77D_zpsl9u2kidh.jpg

This, my friends, is Girly Bits Lack of Pies and it is a chameleon of a polish. While I wore it I could not stop staring at it because it shifts so much. It goes from green to pink, sometimes there is a hint of mossy green and then it has that gorgeous show-stopping holo!

 photo B9BFA99A-6B2C-481C-B1B7-497559256BF9_zpsojvylovd.jpg

In indirect light, above and below, you see its many shifts between pink, mossy green and brighter green.

 photo FC486DF1-054D-4C95-93AF-31B6DF18057A_zpslcrtuayx.jpg

In direct sunlight, below, it almost appears a khaki green with wonderful holo payoff.

 photo 22E2A3E9-BBED-4235-9352-FBE0F9EE76CC_zpskewwmqop.jpg

Overall this polish was a knockout for me. So much hype is given to many of the multichromes on the market, but I think this collection has been overlooked. This is multichrome, but isn't the same animal as the others on the market. It's color shifts are so unique, I seriously could not stop staring at my polish. The color shifts were also very obvious and even in the sunlight, you could see the shifts!

 photo 1AADE730-8500-45E7-B282-4EB52408ABF6_zpsrmiyctpn.jpg

Application: This went on great with three thin coats, had absolutely no complaints about it's application. I topped with HK Girl Top Coat and it lasted a good while on my nails (I did not want to take it off).

Where to Purchase: I purchased this polish on Llarowe for $13. You can also purchase on the Girly Bits website, which is based in Canada (so shipping might be a bit more), for $12.50.

What do you think of this polish? I was so impressed that I definitely have to get Go and Shake a Tower and Billy Jeans after seeing how amazing this polish is!


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    1. So pretty! I seriously must snatch up the other two as soon as I get the chance!