Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Indigo Bananas 2% Butterscotch Ripple

Let me start off this post with an apology. My photos of this polish, do it very little justice. Indigo Bananas consists of multichrome glitter suspended in wine-colored jelly polish.

I layered this polish over a dark OPI (We'll Always Have Paris), which I thought might make it brighter, but only darkened it. For shots of this polish that really show its ultimate beauty, check out the Polish Hound's photos from this post. She really captures the gold to bluish shimmer the sparkles give off and puts all of my photos to shame.

 photo 7BAF703A-6C9C-4144-9D8E-1BF6FA4D4790_zpsvimazyme.jpg

The best shot I got of this polish is the one above, which shows just how raspberry/wine color the polish truly is.

 photo 704CAF6F-F778-479F-A46C-4CC706DD107B_zpsjq5zpabv.jpg

The polish shot also shows it's blue leaning glitter. My horrible darker shots are below.

 photo F40683A4-B01D-4B1B-8E22-A4D81891D250_zpsemad3jcz.jpg

 photo FCC3A148-12FF-4DDA-88D7-ED07D42BEDCA_zpszqbqmmu0.jpg

But if I share with you only my best, how would that be me being real. We all live and learn. I learned that in the future, I will not put this polish over a darker creme. It changes its beauty and I don't want that.

Application: I put one coat of 2% Butterscotch Ripple over two coats of OPI We'll Always Have Paris. Both wore well, but I would not combine the two in the future. Maybe if I were doing skittle nails, but not layered like this polish shows.

Where to Purchase: You can purchase Indigo Bananas polishes from their website, I bought this mini bottle (8ml) for $7.25. I really like their shop because you can purchase mini polishes or large polishes, which is a great way to sample a new-to-you indie polish maker. So far I have loved all of their polishes, especially Maui Wowee (in the bottle shot), but believe me that beauty is a post for another day!

So what do you think? Do you like it when I share nail blunders as well as nail beauties? I know nail blogs are supposed to be all professional, but every nail lady knows you can't hit it out of the park with every manicure. I just feel sad because I know I didn't do this polish justice – I'll make sure to publish a better post when I wear this polish again solo!!!

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  1. To be honest, I think your pictures look great. Some polishes are just hard to capture in picture from. I like seeing it in different lighting.