Monday, February 23, 2015

Green and Gold Skittle Nails

Hi everyone, today I am featuring two polishes I paired together using nail vinyls to create a fun skittle nail look.


To create this look I used two really amazing polishes, which unfortunately are not available for sale anymore. So I'm sorry to make you drool at these hard to find polishes, but they just paired too well together!

Ok so this amazing green polish is Octupus Party Nail Lacquer Chimera. This lovely polish is a olive-leaning green polish with a holo finish and various multicolored flakies scattered throughout and subtle gold flashes of color. The mastermind behind Octupus Party Nail Lacquers, Dave, released this beauty on his birthday and I'm not quite sure if it will be back at some point or not, but you never know with him. He likes to keep his fans happy!

The gold polish I used was Different Dimension Armstrong, part of the Shooting Star Series which was inspired by Astronauts. Armstrong is a beautiful bronze holo polish with tiny copper flakies scattered throughout. The holo in this one is very strong in direct sunlight, below.

Overall I just really loved how this skittle came together. I like how each polish had its own subtle hint of flakies, which I'm really starting to like the most regarding this whole flakie craze. I think that flakies are best served as a subtle extra to a color or look which gives it an extra unique little something. I like when there is a just a tiny scattering of flakies, because flakies all on their own look a little textured to me, and I was never much into the textured trend. I like smooth shiny nails! I also really like how the gold flashes of Chimera complimented the bronze shine of Armstrong.

I also just really love skittle nails because I wear them longer because it takes me longer to get bored of them!

What do you think about this whole flakie craze? You like it in your face, or as a subtle extra? Or with added holo?

P.S. Stay tuned everyone! I've got my blogiversary coming up on Friday and you won't want to miss the epic giveaway I am hosting to celebrate!

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