Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Geometric and Blue/Green/Yellow Leadlight Nails

This week's Pick N Mix Challenge was Geometric and Blue/Green/Yellow. Also in the Stamp One, Stamp All Ten group, the prompt was leadlighting. I combined all three to create this look I'm sharing today!

February 2015

To begin, I pulled out Indigo Bananas Bridal Veil, which is a silver flakie polish that glows indoors and has a great holo finish when outside or under direct light!

February 2015

For the next step, I stamped my nail with geometric images from Bundle Monster Plate BM-605.

February 2015

Then to complete the look, adding in the leadlight technique and the Blue/Green/Yellow combination, I broke out my Rica Squish the Rainbow jelly polishes and filled in various geometric shapes!

I really liked the overall look, it reminded me a lot of the 1980s, with it's almost neon various shapes!

That's it for today, my internet at home has been terribly spotty lately (and I haven't had the time to duke it out with the cable company), so I won't write much more. I got some awesome nail mail this week (if you're following me on Instagram, you most likely got a preview), and I hope to play with some of those as soon as I get some time!

As always, don't forget to check out the others taking part in this challenge, listed below!


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