Thursday, February 5, 2015

Floral nail stamping over Indigo Bananas Taffeta, Darling?

Today's nail art was brought you by the Stamp One, Stamp All Ten nail art prompt of the week: Florals! And for the occasion, I thought I thought I would try the leadlight technique for the very first time (it's also a challenge later in the month, so practice makes perfect).

To start out this look, I broke out one of my newest polishes Indigo Bananas Taffeta, Darling? Which I won from a giveaway on The Mercurial Magpie!

 photo 0a66d0de-a106-4a32-9d2b-7b491a1e13bc_zps949273a6.jpg

I wore this polish for the weekend I was visiting my in laws. The weekend consisted of a mix of outdoor time and inside time, so I wanted a polish that would shine inside and out. Taffeta, Darling? was it! This is a purple glass fleck holo, which in the sun shines bright with holo and in the shade has a lovely silver shine to it. This polish is truly a gem and individual in my collection.

 photo 29D8515F-0DDF-40EF-B5FB-35679826D58E_zpsacnk7u90.jpg

When I got back from my in laws, I knew that this was the perfect base for the floral stamping. And since I knew I needed to practice the leadlight technique, I thought that this might be a good base to practice on.

 photo 5B2B1145-4818-49FE-AD64-43ABB1B3F1A5_zpspplkyjh8.jpg
Since I don't have a lot of experience in this technique, and I was short on time, I thought I'd just stamp an accent to start with. Using Rica Squish the Rainbow jelly polishes, which I got specifically to try leadlighting, I colored in this flower I stamped using my MoYou London Pro 06 XL Plate. I used Essie No More Film to stamp the image (a very opaque darkend purple creme polish).

 photo 8F0E9986-18D5-4B4F-BCAA-9A233A04E02C_zpsl7i9fdno.jpg

I really think this is a fun technique and I look forward to trying it again with a different look! It's not at hard as I thought it would be. I just broke out a fine nail art brush and with a gentle hand, colored in various parts of the flower!

 photo FC065133-1281-4165-9425-BE57098BE86B_zpsrsbutdwq.jpg

Clearly you'll be seeing this technique again in the future! Have you ever tried the leadlight technique? Do you have tips for me, or plate suggestions? I'd love to hear them, because I expect I'll be trying this out again and again in the future!

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