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Indigo Bananas Neons Swatches and Nail Art

You guys ready for an epic-ly long post with a bunch of eye searing beauty?! You've seen me use the Indigo Bananas neons in a bunch of nail art posts, but I've finally got swatches of them on their own and review on their formula with links to nail art I've created (sorry no water marbles, but I've heard these do water marble well) scattered throughout!

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Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element is an amazing complete neon collection that I just love. The formulas are great for neons and they wear particularly well on me, which is great for neon polishes – which typically can be more difficult to work with and chippy.

Want to know even better news? Indigo Bananas is having a Fourth of July sale so this post is just in time to take advantage of a great deal! Details at the end of the post!


First up we have Indigo Bananas Rhubidium Rhod* which is a lovely neon red. While looking at this polish on its own makes it just look like another red polish, I promise you this is bright and great. It is slightly red-orange leaning to my eyes, but is much brighter than any of my other red-orange polishes. Application was very smooth, two coats for opacity. The neon polishes all dry with a satiny/rubbery finish, so they aren't shiny. I top coated all swatches to show how they look with a top coat.

This is Indigo Bananas LiLoo (LithiumLoo)* which is a neon orange that is SO bright. This is a great neon orange, and it freaked out my camera so I added three shots of this swatch. The last one, which I took in the shade outside, is most color accurate. The application on this took three thin coats. I found the first coat to be sheer, the second coat to be a little patchy and then perfection upon the final coat.

This is Indigo Bananas The Urnanium Evil* which is a great highlighter yellow with a formula that is not difficult! Yes you read that right, a neon yellow with an easy to apply formula. This goes on so easily in three thin coats – first coat sheer, second coat patchy and third coat for perfection. My photos can't even capture the brightness of this yellow, but when I say highlighter yellow, you get the point right?

Now let's show you nail art look #1 I created with the three neons I have introduced you to so far!


For this look I started with white base coat (which you don't have to do, I just did that for this one gradient, see further down in this post for another example where that is not required). Then using a makeup sponge I applied a gradient using Rhubidium Rhod, LiLoo and The Urnanium Evil. I went over each nail with the makeup sponge several times. Then I used Color Club Beyond and stamped an image using MoYouLondon Pro Plate 06. I loved how this looked, just like a fire-y sunset. Gradients are my favorite thing to do with these neons. As you will see more of in this neon extravaganza!

This is Indigo Bananas Sulfur Green, which is a lovely neon green. This is just a beautiful bright neon green that glows in the shade. Very slime like but looks great in combination with the other neons. This goes on so easily in three thin coats – first coat sheer, second coat patchy and third coat for perfection.

This is Indigo Bananas Diva Plumbum* which is just the most beautiful shade of teal. This is a more green-leaning teal that is so bright. There really isn't such a thing as a neon teal I don't think, but this bright creme is really beautiful. And the formula is great too, opaque in two thin coats!

This is Indigo Bananas Carbon Dallas* which is a lovely bright cerulean blue. This is a bright electric blue that blends well with the rest of the collection. This isn't exactly neon per say, but it isn't dull either. Application was great with this polish as well, opaque in two thin coats.


For this fun nautical look which I've covered in detail previously, I used Carbon Dallas, Diva Plumbum and Sulfur Green to create a fun gradient look. I did not use white undies for this look, but did a base of Sulfer Green and then sponged on the gradient of all three colors. I topped them with a holo top coat, because I wanted ultimate blingage!


I also took these fun neon polishes on my tips while on vacation earlier in May. Another gradient, I know, but that is my favorite way to wear these polishes. Who doesn't love a good gradient?! For the look above, which I posted about here, I started with a base of The Uranium Evil, and then made a gradient using The Uranium Evil, Diva Plumbum and Carbon Dallas. I also topped these nails with a holo topper and a fun nail stamp.

This is Indigo Bananas Phlogiston Paradise* and I have been dreaming of this color all year. A gorgeous bright purple creme that is a true purple. Not blue leaning, not magenta leaning, but a true bright and happy purple. This is what I want to see when I see a purple, it is SO gorgeous and I haven't even played with it enough to truly love it as much I do. It wears terrific too, almost a one coater, but two coats for full opacity. I had this on as a pedicure for probably four weeks before I had to take it off because my toe nails were growing too much. Four weeks and no chips!

This is Indigo Bananas Zinc Industries* which is a magenta leaning bright neon purple. I love how bright and smooth this polish is. Two coats for this opacity and now that I've seen it lined up next to Phlogiston Paradise and the collection's namesake which I'll show you next, I know I need to do another gradient with these three colors because they would look amazing together!

This is Indigo Bananas Neon, The Tenth Element a perfect neon pink! This polish is super fun and bright and girly and oh so happy. I used two coats for this opacity, but some might want three just in case the second coat is a little streaky. This color totally reminded me of the 80s and Saved By The Bell, it is just that bright and perfect.

This is Indigo Bananas Aether Or, which is a gorgeous white polish with super fine holographic pigment. I found this polish to be a bit on the thicker side when compared with the cremes, but applied well in three thin coats. I would wait a minute or two between coats just to make sure there is no dragging. This polish has super fine holographic pieces in it, and has a beautiful subtle linear holographic effect that my photos don't do great justice.

This is the fun cohesive look I created using all of the neons from this collection. I thought it would be helpful to see all the colors side by side in one look. For more on this look, see my original post.

And finally we have Indigo Bananas Mul-Ti-Pass a super fun multicolored multichrome flakie polish. This polish can be worn as a topper, which I show here over Aether Or, or on it's own. In the sun it looks like an oil slick and inside it is multicolored heaven. Application for full opacity takes three coats, and as a topper I only used one coat over Aether Or. The formula is great, no dragging and doesn't require sponge application.

Indigo Bananas Neon, the 10th Element is available now at the Indigo Bananas website. The collections retails for $10-12 for full sizes (15ml) and $6.25-7.25 for minis (8ml).

Now I promised you the good news of a sale, and here are the details! 20% off all items, excluding items already on sale, stacks with shipping offers (available on checkout) and gift certificates. Starts Friday July 3 noon PST and ends Sunday July 5 9 p.m PST with the code SPARKLE4TH. Now go, go and shop your little hearts out!!!

So let's dish! Which colors are your favorite? What is your favorite nail art to do with neons? Stripes, gradient, water marble ... all of the above?!

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