Monday, July 13, 2015

Ever After Polish Review & Nail Art

Hey guys, today I've got some polishes to show from Ever After Polish's newer collection I've Got the Magic in Me – a collection inspired by the Magic Mike movies. ;-)


A snafu in shipping with this brand gave me a bad impression originally, but that has completely turned around. I contacted the maker after my original review of the brand, and I am nothing but pleased now. If you haven't checked out this brand, I highly suggest you do, the maker is sweet and the fan group is super fun and great too. Let's get to this week's swatches and review shall we?

First up we have Ever After Tarzan's Vine. This is a gorgeous leaf-like green, almost a kelly green, holo polish with very subtle gold flakies, which you can see in the macro shots. I really like this green, makes me think of fresh mowed lawn and suburbia for some reason. The polish was a bit on the watery side, be careful not to overload the brush and you'll be fine. Opaque in two coats.

This is Ever After Flesh Popsicle. This couldn't be a more perfect nude polish for my skin tone if it tried. Almost gave me what every nail person strives for at some point, mannequin hands. But the extra awesome aspect of this polish was the holo finish with the tiny copper micro flakies which give it a little something extra. This polish is complex and beautiful. The formula on this was superb and applied opaque in two thin coats.


I also tried out the Make it Rain salt scrub, which had a sweet floral scent to it and works just great. It is a salt scrub though, so the exfoliating pieces were much larger than some other scrubs I've used in the past. The oils are very moisturizing though. I really love salt and sugar scrubs, they help treat my hands after a long swatching session and are especially great when I have a busy week and don't have time for a mani bomb.

And because Flesh Popsicle is such an awesome nude, I knew it would make an incredible canvas for some nail stamping. In a test of some more of my Jolie Polish stamping polishes, I put together this rainbow heart look using my UberChic Beauty plate 1-01.

Anyway my impression of Ever After Polish is a great one, both with the polishes and the bath product. I would highly suggest checking out the brand, the customer service is great and the maker is super sweet. Have you tried Ever After Polish before? I'd love to hear which of their polishes you love!

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