Friday, July 17, 2015

Vertical Neon Smitten Gradient

Hey everyone, happy Friday. It's been a pretty busy week but I wanted to help enable you all in case you hadn't picked up the Smitten Polish neon flakies yet, they are available in her shop thanks to a restock she had earlier this week.


In case you need a refresher, I reviewed* and compared these puppies here and here, but last night I thought it was high time I combined them all in a single look. So I have seen quite a few vertical gradients out there and thought combining these eight polishes would make a spectacular bright rainbow look!

To create a vertical gradient of this kind, I didn't use any make up sponges, just painted with the brushes. I would paint one side 2/3 of the nail in one color, and then go over the other side with the other color for 2/3 the nail. Leaving the middle 1/3 of the nail to be a combo of the two colors. 

So let's take a look at the individual nails and I'll show you which colors they are.

This is Aqua Opal (left) and Ice Pop Paradise.

This is Lazy River and Aqua Opal

This is Terra Opal and Lazy River. This is my favorite nail because the middle third turned out the best! 

This is Ignis Opal and Jar of Sunshine. Now Jar of Sunshine takes over here, but trust me, Ignis Opal is in there, just didn't layer well with the strength of the neon in Jar of Sunshine. I also have the original version of Ignis, which is why it probably looks a bit different than the website. 

This is Aer Opal and Pool Noodle. These two look the most similar, but they are actually quite different. Because they were on my pinky they had the least opportunity to create the middle third of a mixture, so the whole nail looked mostly one color. I have the first version of Aer Opal if anyone is wondering, I think that is why my Aer looks less purple than the shots on the website. 

These all retail for $11.50 on the Smitten Polish website

So I just thought I'd show some more love to these awesome neon flakies. They clearly deserve a revisit now and again, they are quite awesome in my ever so humble opinion. Do you have any of these? Found a way to combine them that I haven't tried yet?!

*These were originally sent to me as press samples for my honest review.

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