Monday, May 18, 2015

My Vacation Nails

Hey guys I'm back! Thanks so much for not minding my hiatus, I had a wonderful week off and it was a great break and a wonderful reset. Unfortunately, I ended the trip on a rather awful note when I dropped my iPhone 5 in salt water and it totally died. My wonderful photo taking device, which somewhat cripples my blog.

But onto brighter things, I had several nail art pieces stored in the cloud, so I'll be updating my blog with that in the meantime while I wait to get my hands on another used iPhone 5. Because let's face it, my iPhone 4 (I switched back to) just won't cut if photo quality wise, and using my husband's iPhone 6 somehow distorts the colors a bit. Oh geeze, the trials and tribulations of a nail blogger are so silly. I'll hopefully get this sorted out soon!

Here are my lovely vacation nails! I wore these for the majority of my vacation until I spent a day in the beach and the sand and saltwater just ruined the mani and made it chip like crazy!


I showed you guys a sneak preview of these awesome nails before I left, but I thought it was only proper if I showed them to you in the full. On the thumb, middle and pinkie nail I have a gradient of Indigo Bananas The Uranium Evil (neon yellow), Diva Plumbum (teal) and Carbon Dallas (blue), which were all sent as a press samples, and then did a holo top coat of Spectraflair 35 Top Coat by Spectraflair4U. Then using my new favorite nail stamping plate, MoYou London Doodles 07, I stamped fun sea creatures using KBShimmer Eyes White Open (my favorite white stamping polish)! And no vacation is complete without a bit of holo in your face courtesy of Painted Polish's Drunk on Holo, which I applied with a makeup sponge for that extra glittery holo look!


The nails were perfect on the dolphin cruise I took around Hilton Head Island in South Carolina (where I took my vacation). I had so much fun on my trip. It was a true girl's weekend which I spent with my mom and one of her closet friends!


So I hope that you enjoyed these nails as much as I did! They were the perfect accessory for my vacation!

Moving forward just understand I'll be a little crippled in the photo quality department as I try to figure out how to properly adjust to having unfamiliar photo equipment! I have a ton to review in the next few weeks, but I might wait on that until I can properly get my hands on an iPhone 5 again.

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