Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Neon Gradient Hawaiian Chevon Nails

So the other night I had one of my newer friends over and she so wanted to learn how I do my nails. She was very curious how to do gradients and stamping, so I broke out some polishes and went to town – having her mimic me as she went.


And this is the result. I ended up doing the gradient I had been thinking of when I was review the Indigo Banana neon collection and then randomly stamped the other plates just to show her something you could do with a design.


For this look I used Indigo Bananas Neon the 10th Element, Zinc Industries and Phlogiston Paradise for the gradient and then I stamped using my MoYou London Pro Plate 08 for the flower image and stamped the chevron image using my QA 91 plate.

And my friend's nails turned out great too! This was her first attempt at nail art and I think she did a stellar job! She used the same MoYou plate I used, just a different image and she did all the nail art work her herself, I just showed her how to do it! Really great for a first time I think!

I really ended up liking how they turned out and I ended up wearing them for two days. On Friday last week I had just about had it with how long my nails were. I was having issues typing and my nail length was really getting to me. But I was sad because I really liked these nails and wanted to show them off to my aunt who was arriving that night.

So I got home on Friday and decided if I was going to change it up I was at least going to get the opportunity to file/mani bomb and redo my nails with a pretty polish. But this time I started the whole process with the filing down my nails and much to my surprise my nails were not ruined! It was a miracle. I was so super happy I could file down my talons and not ruin this fun Hawaiian gradient look! As you can tell in the photo above, the filing did not make anything chip. In fact these lasted chip free until Sunday when I took them off!

So do you like this look? Getting sick of my gradients yet, because I'm not! :) Hope you all are having a great week and Happy Hump Day!!!

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