Friday, July 10, 2015

ILNP 2015 Summer Collection Picks

Today I have four new polishes I recently got from ILNP during their summer collection preorder earlier this month! These beauties are stunners and I had so much fun photographing and playing with them. I expect to use them a ton in the future!


I got six polishes in all, but had to stop at one of them to create a nail art look because I was just so in love with the polish, you'll see what I mean later. So let's get to the swatches.


This stunner is ILNP Long Walks and I just knew this would be the first polish I would wear from my INLP haul. This is a gorgeous taupe colored polish with beautiful gold flecks and a subtle holographic finish. Most taupes don't work with my skin tone but I found this to be delightfully complex. It has a lavender lean to it which makes it work on my skin tone. I just loved this polish no matter when you looked at it, it was always looking a little different. Completely unique in my collection. The formula was superb, as are all my ILNP, and this was opaque in two coats.

Side note: I was wearing this polish the night my mom went to the hospital. The next day, as I was waiting in her hospital room by the window while she was in surgery, I distracted myself by checking out my polish in the light.

This is ILNP Paper Route, the minute I heard the name of this polish I knew I needed to have it just for the name alone (see my blog title if you don't get it). This is a gorgeous white holographic polish with fine holographic particles plus these beautiful holographic shards I haven't seen anywhere else. They are so beautiful and make this polish truly unique. The formula on this one was on the thicker side, but not difficult to work with. I used three coats for opacity, but most could probably get away with two.

This is the gorgeous ILNP Harbour Island and it is a beautifully bright teal jelly polish with the fine holographic shards similar to Paper Route. Because of all the reviews that said that this particular shade was on the sheerer side, I decided to layer it over Paper Route, and I thought the results were stunning. The slightly lighter background really made the teal pop. I just love this color, I can never get enough teal polish in my life. This was two coats, but on it's own I believe it needs more like three to four to avoid visible nail line. It is sheerer because of the jelly base.

And finally we have ILNP I See You. This is a beautiful champagne leaning nude polish that is such a lovely canvas for nail art. I saw it and said, I need to wear this longer than just a swatch, so this is where I stopped swatching the polishes I bought. This lovely champagne nude polish is SUPER holo in the sun and even in the shade. It has fine holographic finish with the same holographic shards as the previous polishes, really making it pop in the shade.

So I really liked seeing I See You and then Harbour Island together, so I broke out my Jolie Stamping Polish that reminded me most of the teal color of Harbour Island. The stamping polish is Jolie Polish Blue Turquoise Flower using plate Uber Chic 1-03 plate.

I'll add a few more shots of this look in the wild so you can see what it looks like outside in the sun and in the shade. The stamping can get lost because the holo in this is so stunning, but I think it is a subtle effect that I rather liked!

I just loved these polishes and after checking out I See You I know I'll probably eventually pick up some more polishes just like it from ILNP. So let's dish, which ILNP did you pick up or drool over? Have I added to your list?! Let me know in the comments!

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