Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Neon Stripes using Indigo Bananas

Hey guys, I have the best news ever! Thanks to a new friend of mine, I am back up and running with my friend's old iPhone 5! So incredibly happy at the moment, you have NO idea!

Today I have the most awesome look using Indigo Bananas Neon, The 10th Element polishes.


Most of these were sent to me as a press sample, but when I the collection went live, I knew I just had to order the missing pieces to complete my neon set! So here they all are, side by side!

For the base of this polish, I used Indigo Bananas Aether Or, a light grey linear holo which is the perfect backdrop to really make these neons pop!


I thought it might be really helpful to see these colors side by side, so you can really decide which are your favorites. I must admit, these nails have been a total hit. Everyone has been noticing them, some people saying they remind them of the twirly lollipops you can buy at Disneyland, while others saying they remind them of Fruit Stripe gum. Either way, they are super happy and bright nails and have been bringing a smile to my face all week long!


Using these awesome macro shots I'll go over the which stripe is which (from bottom stripe to top)! Most of these are color accurate, especially now that I have an iPhone 5 back and running!

Top left: Carbon Dallas, Phlogiston Paradise, Zinc Industries and Neon, The 10th Element.

Top right: Rhubidium Rhod, LiLoo (Lithium Loo), The Uranium Evil, Sulfur Green.

Bottom left: Sulfur Green, Diva Plumbum, Carbon Dallas, Plogiston Paradise.

Bottom middle: Phlogiston Paradise, Zinc Industries, Neon, The 10th Element, Rhubidium Rhod.

Bottom right: The Uranium Evil, Sulfur Green, Diva Plumbum, Carbon Dallas.

These stripes cover the entire neon creme selection of the Indigo Bananas Neon, The 10th Element collection and I think it is very helpful to see them side by side. You can tell that Zinc Industries is the warmer of the purple colors (leaning more magenta), while Phlogiston Paradise is a bluer leaning purple (which leans a tad more blue in these photos than in real life, curse you purples!). Side by side with Carbon Dallas (the blue in the collection) you can really see that Phlogiston Paradise is truly a bright purple!

You can also see that the most neon polishes of the collection are clearly LiLoo (orange), The Uranium Evil (yellow), Sulfur Green (green) and Neon, The 10th Element (pink). All the other colors are bright and totally belong in the collection, but these I've listed I feel are the most neon.

To make the stripes, I used KBShimmer Connected Thick/Thin lines nail vinlys, and painted the stripes over three thin coats of Aether Or.

You can now purchase the entire neon collection at the Indigo Bananas website. For the neon cremes mini bottles (8ml) are $6.25 and full size bottles (15ml) are $10.

Which of these do you want to get your hands on?!!? I am so happy I have the complete set. I can't wait to play even more with these. And also I am so truly happy to have an iPhone 5 back, my blog didn't even skip a beat and for that I am so very thankful! :)

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