Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July Sparkle Nails

It's quite the conundrum when you do holiday nails for a blog and then totally plan on wearing them until the holiday, but you are itching to change them. I'm telling myself I have to keep them on to show my relatives – but who knows how much longer these will last. I've had them on since Monday, which is crazy!


These are super simple, but the pairing of the glitter and the hue of the red and blue are what makes this look so great! The blue polish is Literary Lacquers Blue Lullaby* and the red polish is Painted Polish Ho-Ho-Holo and they pair perfectly for this patriotic look.

Now these aren't the most inventive nails, stars and stripes, but they totally work for the holiday! For the stamping image I used Winstonia W107 stamping plate from their holiday set.

And I'm still on vacation at the moment, so I'll just leave you with a few more shots of these nails so you can see what they look like in the wild.

Sparkly and fun, perfect for this long weekend! But knowing me I'll probably change it later today. Hahaha, can't keep on thing on my nails for too long.

Anyway I hope you are all having wonderful weekends off with family or what not having great adventures or catching up with old friends. I'll catch y'all next week!

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