Monday, July 20, 2015

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Review

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Today I've got a review of a new-to-me indie brand Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer.


I've heard of this brand for quite sometime, but it was the preorder for the fan favorites collection that finally got me to make some purchases. Another plus to this shop, you can order 10ml mini bottles, which is what I did to first try this brand out. Let's get to the swatches shall we?

This is Monster's Tea at Tiffany's, which is a lovely aqua-green polish with brighter more green-green shimmer. The shimmer really comes out to play in direct light. This was super gorgeous and soft and lovely. Reminds me of a gorgeous spring afternoon. The formula did not self level super well – not sure if it was the smaller brush on the mini bottle or just the thickness of the polish or what. I used three coats and a top coat to reach this opacity and smoothness.

This is Sordid End, which is a lovley periwinkle leaning pastel purple with beautiful bright blue shimmer. The shimmer in this one is most noticeable in direct light, but is more noticeable in shade thank Monster's Tea at Tiffany's was. The shimmer in this one is what truly makes is spectacular in my eyes. Definitely unique in my collection. The formula on this one was similar to Monster's Tea at Tiffany's – was on the thicker side, did not self level well and took three coats for opacity. I think for best application for these two, I would do one smooth coat and then wait a few minutes before adding another coat.

This is Fare the Wind, which is a beautiful royal purple with strong blue shimmer and a subtle holographic finish. The formula on this polish was much better, not too thick or thin and needed only two coats for opacity.

These three above were purchased as part of the Fan Favorites preorder and are listed as sold out on the site. I did here murmurings in the Facebook fan group that the leftover stock may be listed on the site at some point. I don't know a date sorry!

This is We Saved the World, I Say We Party!, which is a gorgeous pale pink linear holo that leans slightly purple. Formula on this was great as well, opaque in two thin coats. I loved how delicate this color is.

And finally we have Cuts in My Heart, which I got as part of the February Addicted to Holos Box. This is a gorgeous raspberry holo with beautiful violet linear holo flashes. The surprise of this polish is that it was slightly textured, which isn't really my favorite, but if you double top coat it it will probably be smooth. I used one layer of top coat and it still had a textured finish.

Overall, I loved the look of all of these polishes. While some of the formulas were finicky, I'm not 100 percent sure it wasn't just the brushes from the mini bottles I purchased. But I am still definitely interested in this brand and will be watching for future releases. So many of these polishes are pretty unique to my collection and that is what piques my interest the most.

So let me know, have you tried BEGLs before? Which polishes are must haves?! Which of this sampling did you like the best?!

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