Friday, June 13, 2014

Wave nails inspired by The Mercurial Magpie

The nails I am featuring today were inspired by a post The Mercurial Magpie did a few weeks back. She featured the most adorable octopus nail stamp. I truly loved her color combination, and while I didn't have the polishes she used in her post – I did my best to imitate using polishes I have!

 photo 130C0D2F-066F-4320-B069-304119841237_zpsuvj773ua.jpg

I used OPI Gargantuan Grape as the base for the manicure, and then, because you Fairy Dust All the Things!, I added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust. Using my favorite stamping plate MoYou Sailor 04, I stamped waves with Essie's Go Overboard. 

 photo A1B46676-18DB-4D93-8569-48D149E22EC2_zps6qdnhsha.jpg

 photo 6258FB73-8E27-4D7D-875F-1FC1F898858C_zpsokew1qhm.jpg

 photo 739C8206-EC49-490F-AD45-9F6866C3401C_zpsmja4fpfr.jpg

I really liked this simple nail art, but next time I think I'll layer something over it, like a whale stamp or something! Maybe a piece of dolphin glitter too!

And just to keep it real, I took a photo of my right hand (the one I'm never as good at) so you can see I'm no pro at stamping. It's tough stuff!

 photo 73267204-14EA-4F04-9E5B-7A3F9C9BA048_zpsmq493es6.jpg

Are you talented with stamping on both hands? I'm learning, but definitely not as good as I could be!

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