Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Heart Polish Clementine

 photo 34015B26-5C9B-4C7C-A145-071F4CC28E36_zps5rc2nkiy.jpg

Yes my friends, a company took a chance on me and sent me some samples to review. My very first indies to officially review!

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I came home last week, feeling a little defeated and disenchanted (I am covering local school graduations for the umpteenth year in a row) and I went to the mail box. Now since I'm on a no buy, I knew I wasn't getting anything fun in the mail and low and behold there was a box in there with my name on it!

Totally got so excited that a company, any company wanted to take a chance on me!

So today I am reviewing one of the three polishes she provided!

 photo 95372C2D-94BE-4439-8087-7E2D94B306AB_zps3o4sbxnk.jpg

Clementine, from Sweet Heart Polish's Garden Party collection, is a holographic light berry polish with hit of purple holographic glitter mixed in.

 photo F891EBD6-EAE2-4586-AB84-E3B3CA76AF3E_zpshw5ycucg.jpg

In direct sunlight, below, the purple microglitters are harder to spot, but I absolutely love what they do to the holo of this polish. The microglitters are what set this polish apart! So you know what to look for, I took a shot in unnatural light, above, which highlights the purple microglitter.

 photo 3BD20F02-60AB-4285-8CDF-B690BA42CE6C_zpss0kt37mz.jpg

Overall, this polish was a hit on the nails!!! It's a color I don't have in my collection and the addition of the microglitters make the holo shine the most vibrant violet! Love it!

 photo 15014BA3-909F-4C68-B9C4-6CA0DBABA7FD_zpshfx4xomv.jpg

Application: The polish was on the thicker side, but not unmanageable! Typical for most holo finished polishes. I used three thin coats, two will probably suffice, but there was a little visible nail line so I used an additional coat. There was no dragging and the polish was easy to work with, even with multiple coats. Very gel like in consistency.

Where to purchase: Sweet Heart Polishes retail for $9-$10 and you can purchase them from her Etsy shop! The Garden Party Collection features and array of beautiful floral themed holos that are just beautiful. She also has Mickey Mouse polishes, but more on that in a later post! 

This polish was provided to me for my honest review, and here you have it! 


  1. What a gorgeous colour, how lucky you are to have them sent to review!

    Keli |


    1. Yes, I really love this color and was so excited to get this review! Thanks for the comment!

  2. So pretty, holy crap! *_* I love the micro glitter, like an extra magic twinkle in it's eye.
    I hope this is the first of many more reviews :)

    1. I hope so too Gio! I really love the micro glitter in this polish too, I love how it makes the holo look more vibrantly violet!