Friday, June 20, 2014

CrowsToes Vanaheim

Today's polish is a chameleon, a glitter multichrome with many different looks. This polish seems to shift based on the lighting it is in. It is not as strong as a multichrome as some other brands I own (Dance Legend, ILNP) but the polish is unique and stands on its own anyway!

 photo C7679C6A-2034-475F-A51A-B69F338CE5C3_zpsqipnkbkh.jpg

CrowsToes Vanaheim is a gold to greenish blue color shifter with coordinating color shifting glitter.

 photo 89CF0BE5-209C-4E10-9736-D600ED8D33CA_zpsfpeyrszu.jpg

Vanaheim is part of CrowToes 9 Realms collection. The theme is inspired by the 9 Realms in Norse Mythology. Vanaheim, located within Asgard, is the home of the fertility gods. 

 photo 8CFDE19C-79AA-40C0-841E-EA6D3DBE74F1_zpsbkeqjgtb.jpg

 photo CCDC52F6-F8C2-44DD-A349-765EEF2CAE66_zpsjoprcuf1.jpg

Application: This is two coats of the polish, with no undercoat. The polish has its own unique shift, no black undercoat needed. The polish dries a little rough, like you would expect from a glitter, so an extra layer of top coat would probably be appropriate. I think I only used one coat and was ok, but next time I'd use two! This polish wore very well, I think I wore this for a few days without any chips at all!

Where to purchase: I purchased this polish from Llarowe for $13. In the U.S. both Llarowe and Overall Beauty stock CrowsToes polish.

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