Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Life gets in the way = naked nails

So I've just spent four days out of town in the Seattle area celebrating the lives of my grandparents. I showed you those nails in my last post. While at my aunt's, after the memorial service Saturday, I did my nails in a green sparkle jelly – KBShimmer Green Hex and Glam.

 photo BB950EB5-6073-4A3B-8ABE-E8A9C8910AB0_zpsormdllvd.jpg

Application: This polish is on the thick side, with a jelly consistency. I had no trouble getting glitter of all sizes on the brush, but you might have to dab a little if you want placement in a particular part of your nail. This photo is two coats over a cheap Big Lots base coat. Strangely enough, that cheap base coat worked pretty similarly to my Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel base coat – because this polish peeled off yesterday while I was killing time at the airport.

Where to purchase: This is not my only KBShimmer and if you like jelly glitter bomb polishes, they are a great go-to (I absolutely love every polish I have gotten from them). They are an indie polish maker and are on the more affordable side, with polishes that average at about $8.75 a bottle. Their spring collection, which I mentioned in my last post, launches on Friday. If you a planning a good haul, that will be a spectacular day for it. I'm on a low-buy, so I'm trying to resist. You can find their polishes at www.kbshimmer.com.

So due to travel and a busy life, I now have naked nails. I've been wearing them for almost 24 hours now and I can't work on my nails tonight because I am off to a San Jose Sharks game. This is the first time in more than two years I think that I have sported naked nails for more than a day.

 photo 1EBEBA1B-2FBD-4100-97A2-50ABDA60AF9D_zpsxkuby3hw.jpg

I had all these grand plans to be doing St. Patrick's Day nails for the next several days. I think I'll be lucky if I get two manis in before next Monday. One will definitely feature another KBShimmer, as it was designed specifically for St. Patty's Day!

Nail Mail: While I was out of town I got a slew of nail mail! I received a sampling of Bundle Monster plates to build out my nail stamping options (I promise you'll see more of that soon) and I received a Llarowe order of Colors By Llarowe Lucy, I'm Home (hopefully this will end my search for the perfect coral holo), AEngland Princess Sabra (a gentle gold scattered holo) and Colors by Llarowe Leather and Lace (a holo top coat).

Thank you for bearing with me and I'm sorry for my absence for a few days. I was honoring my grandparents and visiting with family. It was an emotional couple of days, but it was so amazing to see my grandparents changed so many people's lives – I had no idea the impact of their work.

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