Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally St. Patrick's Day Nails

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Green is my favorite color and I have Irish ancsestry on both my mother and father's side heralding from County Cork and County Armagh! Needless to say, I never need an excuse to wear green!

 photo BAFB2B63-E0D8-4A7E-B5FA-CC7C3C70C250_zpsshuykchk.jpg

 I hemmed and hawed over what to wear for St. Patrick's Day. I had so many great and festive stamps I could have put to good use, but after the weekend I had (I was stranded overnight in Santa Cruz Saturday night and had very little sleep) I decided to keep it pretty simple for the most part.

The sparkle wow portion of the manicure (the index, middle and pinky finger) is KBShimmer Get Clover It. This is a mix of shades of green and gold circle glitter suspended in a green jelly polish. The shades of deep green and gold make this the perfect St. Patrick's Day nail polish!

Because I am getting into stamping, I couldn't simply just wear glitter, so for an accent I used a base of Zoya Holly, which is a really beautiful bright green shimmer polish. I stamped two different size clovers from Winstonia plate W105 with Essie Penny Talk. To add a bit more gold glitter to the whole accent, I did one coat of Essie Gold as it Gets.

Application: KBShimmer Get Clover It is a tricky devil because you want to make sure you get even dispersal of those great circle glitter. There was some dabbing involved to perfect glitter placement, so I'd say this is about three coats. Zoya Holly applies like a dream and could almost be a one coater, I used two just to be safe. Essie Penny Talk is the greatest stamping polish, WOW. I haven't tried it to stamp before, and it made the whole process so much easier than it has been! Maybe the fact that I was just doing a single image at a time, but Penny Talk transferred so well! Essie as Gold as it Gets was just a last minute add, and I'm not sure I'm super thrilled with it in this manicure, but I guess it adds something special.

Where to purchase: KBShimmer sells Get Clover It for $8.75. I purchased Zoya Holly from their website and their polishes retail for $9. Essie polishes, including Penny Talk and As Gold As It Gets are available as many retail locations such as Walgreens, Kohl's, Ulta and all over the internet. They retail for $8-9.

Looking ahead: With no holiday hanging over my head, I have a slew of ideas for upcoming posts including comparison swatches, new stamping plates, going to finally try an ombré with a makeup sponge, spring colors and so much more. Anything you want to see? Connect with me via email, Facebook or anyone of my various social media connections!

What are you sporting on your nails today?