Friday, March 27, 2015

Abstract Nail Art Quickie

I can't believe I am up this late typing up this post for today (it's almost 1 a.m. here on the West Coast, but I'm pre-typing this for later this morning!). I'm a little nuts so I'll make this one super fast okay?


I don't know where my imagination was going when I created this look, but I think I actually kind of like it in an abstract, I-don't-think-I've-seen-something-like-this-before type of look.

To start this look off I had just purchased the base OPI Is Mai Tai Crooked? (careful though, this one is a stainer!!!) and I went in search of some polishes that would contrast/pair well with that beautiful bright pastel orange.

So first I grabbed ILNP Music Box, which is this amazing aqua holographic polish with tiny irridescent flakies of the same color hidden in the polish's creamy holo finish! I used a wavy nail vinyl on each nail in a random design and created the wavy look.

After I finished that step, the look was too boring to me so I wanted to take it up a notch. I went in search for another polish to offset the look, and I don't know what led me to add the dots, but that's what I went with! And for the color I chose Literary Lacquers Mysterious Irrevocable Sacred, which is this amazing blurple linear holo with scattered flakies. I thought the dark blue purple contrasted well with the aqua/orange look.


In the end, I think the final creation looked rather abstract, like a painting or something. Part of me wondered after making this though, if the dots wouldn't have been better placed along the wavy line instead of the exterior of the nail? Who knows though.

Have you ever created a look that just baffles you because it came out of no where? That is this look for me! Hope you liked it! It is waaaaaaay too late now and I need to be getting some sleep ASAP! Hope you all have wonderful weekends ahead!

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