Friday, March 6, 2015

The Fairest Gift of them All

Today I get to share with you two lovely polishes I was gifted by the lovely creators of Fair Maiden Polish. When I contacted Sarah and Adrienne about donating a gift to my blogiversary giveaway (which is still going on by the way!), I had no idea they would also send along a gift for me as well.

But they did, and they are awesome, and their polishes? Totally amazing, unique and quality creations. Let's get to the swatches, and fun nail art I created with them as well shall we?


First up we have Once Upon A Dream, a lovely creamy pink pink polish that has this inner gold glow that is hard to capture in a photo. It is truly a stunning polish and I don't have anything like it in my collection! This is two coats. The application was on the thicker side, but applied like buttah, no issues to report!


Next up, we have Frozen Heart. This polish is a lovely dusty blue holo polish with it's own hidden shimmer. Part of what makes Fair Maiden Polishes so amazing is they all have something a little extra to them (hidden glow or flakies or flash) that sets them apart from that other blue holo you have sitting on your shelf. This is two thin coats and it applied like a dream.

Now I couldn't just swatch these polishes and be over with them, I had to find a way to combine them! And I thought blue and pink, those colors totally remind me of spring!


So I broke out my dotting tool and went to work. Used the base of Frozen Heart and then used Once Upon a Dream and the dotting tool to a flower design!


To top it all off, I used the glitter packed gold holo Literary Lacquers I Heard the Bells as the center of the flowers to top off the whole look. I love that the gold center in the flowers actually really compliments the special golden glow of both of the Fair Maiden Polishes!

What do you think of this look? It's a little fun and quick freehand that actually doesn't take too much skill (dotting tools are a super easy gateway drug to the hobby that is nail art!). I love the blue and pink together, very springlike and I think the flower look was just the ticket!

I'm headed down to Southern California this weekend to spend my birthday weekend with some old friends and my family of course! Hope you guys all have a splendid weekend!

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