Monday, October 13, 2014

Smitten Ker-Bloom Nautical Nails

Before I left for vacation this summer, I created this manicure to get myself pumped for going on my cruise!

 photo 427289D2-58E1-4FAB-97B2-9C4CEC172A5E_zps4kqumb4g.jpg

To start the manicure off I used two thin coats of Smitten Ker-Bloom, a beautiful light lavender-leaning cerulean holo polish. I can't say enough good things about Smitten polishes, I have fallen in love with every single polish I have purchased from them!

 photo B71012F9-970B-4E19-A64C-534AC9BFBC32_zpsdyqny3lw.jpg

Then to get myself pumped for the cruise, I added this super cute stamp from the my MoYou Sailor 04 plate.

 photo 1AA1B0AA-0259-4533-B69B-79381D1C9B9A_zpsw01dyvom.jpg

 photo 0259F255-04DC-4E36-91EB-D80B2BACA416_zpsbsutprkw.jpg

This manicure was fun and even though the summer months have passed, for me, any time of the year is appropriate for a nautical manicure!

 photo 47807C6D-83A0-40A8-ADE2-4C0A4726D2E2_zpsgt3vbmle.jpg

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